Alipay announced the user scale for the first time exceeded 300 million

March 15th morning news, an independent third party payment platform Alipay today announced the number of users exceeded 300 million yuan for the first time scale. It is understood that Alipay has set 2010 as the user experience, within Alipay around the user experience to have launched a series of adjustment.


appeared in October 2003, the cause is to solve the credit problems of the Alibaba shopping group, and the introduction of innovative security transaction mode. According to the latest survey report at the consultation, more than half of the respondents were to try online shopping because there is Alipay trust guarantee, nearly 8 users from Alipay online shopping increased recognition.

, however, even though the results of repeated high innovation, Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma seems to be not satisfied with the board. In January 22nd last year, Alipay’s annual meeting, Ma bluntly criticized the Alipay user experience deficiencies, and "rotten, suck, rotten to the pole!" to describe the user experience for alipay.

It is reported that

for Ma this speech, Alipay has set 2010 as Alipay’s "user experience" in Alipay inside, around the user experience to have launched a series of adjustment. Alipay CEO Peng Lei said that the number of users rapidly show user trust to Alipay, but also means greater responsibility.

in addition to the current field of traditional e-commerce, Alipay has entered the daily life of the people, according to Peng Lei introduction, from the beginning of 2008, Alipay has opened electricity payment service in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Nanjing and other more than and 20 national and regional city.

In addition

Peng Lei also said that in the beginning of the creation of Alipay from the pay you dare, I dare to pay "slogan based on Alipay is brewing to increase reimbursement funds scale and coverage, provide more protection for the users of network consumption.

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