The Spring Festival after the battle of victory over self logistics business of third party courier

[Abstract] during the Spring Festival, many private courier companies shut down almost across the board, even if SF also did not get a good response.


short time relying on third party logistics business will continue to be affected by the electricity supplier

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on February 27th

with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, courier companies have started operations.

and just the long holiday, for the people who are accustomed to online shopping and courier services is not a happy time. In the courier companies can not meet the huge demand of the situation, the electricity supplier self logistics has quietly ushered in a small spring force.

national post office at the end of January to the postal administrations at all levels and all major courier companies issued a notice urging a reasonable allocation of manpower, resources and capacity, full protection before the Spring Festival "endless network, not to reject, not the backlog".

in the beginning of the week before the holiday, the courier companies will soon enter the Spring Festival mode". Most courier companies have stopped receiving parcels sent to the western provinces. Some of the smaller courier company, has been in a state of semi vacation early, and some small courier companies even leave early.

the day before New Year’s Eve, in addition to EMS and SF EXPRESS still provide normal services during the Spring Festival holiday, the rest of the courier company into a semi paralyzed state.

this time, have self built logistics business platform to a handful of limelight, according to Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electronic business platform data show that during the Spring Festival this year, several business platform sales have increased.

electricity supplier in the field of long-term self built and third party logistics in this Spring Festival holiday performance in stark contrast. At present, the courier company has officially resumed business, but a short time relying on the third party logistics business will continue to be affected.

dominated the self built logistics market during the Spring Festival

after the new year, became the main business special purchases for the Spring Festival business platform. Search for "special purchases for the Spring Festival as a keyword in the Taobao online, related products can be found in more than 100 thousand.

related business data show that a considerable proportion of orders during the Spring Festival address and delivery address, and the address of receiving more than three or four line city, presumably for online shopping for family or relatives orders to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. But because the express industry suck, these people have to give up some special purchases for the Spring Festival online shopping without self logistics business platform.

According to Tencent

science and technology understanding, Huitong, CCES closed from February 16th, the courier company mostly opened in February 17th "Spring Festival mode" to stop receiving, in a semi closed state. EMS and SF EXPRESS as fast company only two will provide service.

in the courier industry to abandon the Spring Festival market, there are self built logistics business platform to seize the market quickly. Suning aspects of Tencent science and technology, said Suning during the Spring Festival

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