A brief analysis on the promotion of e commerce website

according to iResearch released "the third quarter of 2010 Chinese online shopping market monitoring report" statistics show that in the third quarter of 2010 Chinese online shopping market transactions was 121 billion yuan, an increase of 76.9%, although growth slowed, but the development of the industry into a blowout trend. Especially Mcglaughlin is listed on the NASDAQ also set off a listing tide, Dangdang, Jingdong, Eslite and other industry giants also have to be listed into their strategic planning, can be said that the whole e-commerce industry has become a sunrise industry in the traditional enterprise is in the eyes, large and small enterprises have flooded the Internet to a soup, but when many enterprises to enter the industry found online there are considerable differences, especially after the completion of the website do not know how to market, due to the characteristics of e-commerce itself lead to some enterprises in a short period of time to burn millions of dollars on the Internet after the disappearance of the ocean. So how can an e-commerce website in order to effectively promote the market this paper will combine the author’s own research and practice to explore the way of e-commerce website marketing.

a traditional network promotion strategy

is called the traditional marketing strategy because they are already on the Internet in N years, and is also used by many websites, low cost or no cost is characteristic of these strategies, and these are many small electricity supplier need, because no injection of capital, they can only do a lot of effort from cost control.


and the current in the current business responsible for e-commerce website marketing, our monthly promotion budget in 2K, it is a great challenge for me, because of low margin products which can not go to poor investment more mainstream promotion way and we try hard, is the most the traditional promotion, including promotion of multi form Forum, blog, question and answer form, traffic exchange and cooperation platform, although it seems that these very traditional, but the most basic for enterprises to achieve the ultimate it is a very meaningful thing.

integrated product resources, according to market positioning, choose a group of potential customers centralized use of Q & A, the forum is obvious effect, the conversion rate will be greatly improved, but the need to pay attention to is said here refers to the Internet promotion is not every angle to every advertisement, but have a plan of operation. Jingdong mall own forum to improve user viscosity is a more successful example.

two, emerging network promotion strategy

The best choice for the promotion of the traditional small business

, then the new promotion strategy is the only way which must be passed in large commercial enterprises, each angle industry relatively high degree of attention to the Jingdong, Eslite mall, shop No. 1 CPS alliance advertising distribution on the Internet, and early micro-blog has become a hotly contested spot business, interest play network by Tencent micro-blog one day turnover accounted for more than the single order quantity 50%, profit model visible Internet companies to innovate, marketing to keep pace with the times.

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