O2O electricity supplier from the purchase to enable the combination of domain name hilzg com on lin

day before, "from the purchase electronic business platform announced the opening of combination of domain name hilzg.com officially launched. From the core of the purchase of O2O is to make online shopping, enjoy the line shopping service, make up for the shortcomings of the existing online shopping.



: from the purchase of

from the purchase of e-commerce platform was established in March 2013, after a year of research, field trips, in November 15, 2014 trial operation. By the end of 2015, from the purchase will be fully invested in the national market, according to the trial period data speculated that by the end of 2015, from the purchase of more than 1 million users.

According to the different nature of

services, from the purchase of services will be divided into two kinds of light weight, service, service based on the regional service center established from purchase, installation and other services dedicated to automotive supplies, kitchen appliances, Home Furnishing life, relaxed and offline shopping experience the same after-sales service experience. The light service through the community convenience store, complete the various types of online payment users, home economics, express delivery on behalf of, cold orders, door-to-door services. From the purchase and Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other online shopping platform to cooperate.

for the elderly group part of the Internet operation ability is low, from the purchase for the first time in China developed from the touch screen machine purchase experience, reduce the cost of learning to expand the online shopping market, touch through the simple operation, the operation can be completed online shopping.