China’s online shopping luxury consumption growth of an average of about 2300 yuan each

data figure: a luxury expo.

China Network reporter Zhai Lu photo

survey shows that China’s online shopping luxury consumption growth of

news agency, Beijing (reporter Ding Dong) in October 6, according to a latest survey of consumer China showed benefit from intelligent mobile phone penetration rate continued rapid increase, China in luxury consumption and mobile Internet rapid growth trend.

by the joint efforts of the International Institute of Certified Public Accountants KPMG luxury electricity supplier platform jointly completed 6 joint research in Beijing. The Chinese online shoppers, a joint survey of 10150 Chinese luxury consumers online shopping habits. Survey shows that online shopping transaction volume is rising, while social media and mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role.

survey found that 45% of respondents said they mostly buy luxury goods through the network channels. They also said that for the unit price of 4200 yuan in the following goods, they can rest assured to pay online, compared to the 2014 survey of $1900 a substantial increase of 121%.

analysis shows that Chinese consumers online shopping spending increased by nearly 1/3, the average per luxury consumption of about 2300 yuan. The average consumption level of the survey increased by about 28% compared with the 2014 survey.

is the main factor to promote online shopping is still the price and discount. However, the survey found that nearly 1/3 of respondents had a positive price online shopping luxury. This is a very important shift, indicating that there are other factors that influence consumer buying behavior, such as product origin and uniqueness.

glamour CEO Wei Yibo (Thibault Villet) said that the price effect of online shopping pushing more and more small, but the value of the role is still important, because now the consumer will travel around the world, through the network can also see the world, so the world price at.

survey pointed out that many categories of luxury consumer spending has increased. The average amount of consumption appears hot category growth include: (109%) women’s handbags, cosmetics (58%) and (18%); the amount of consumption has increased the categories of watches and jewelry (126%) (65%), overall watches and jewelry accounted for the share of small luxury sales network. Cosmetics are the most popular online shopping products, followed by the women’s shoes, leather bags, clothing and accessories.

survey found that, in addition to luxury, there are more and more consumers to buy luxury services online, mainly online booking hotels and restaurants, followed by domestic and foreign travel. (end)