F group QQ group three Gaopeng brand force battle group purchase market

in the past two years of radical development, the development of domestic buy site finally return to reason. In the two years to buy the war, the number of small and medium buy site countless casualties, large group buying site cooperation, the decline of the decline. A lot of group purchase site has stopped burning money this year, began to seek profit, competition is reduced, the basic conditions of rational development of the industry are profitable. The Tencent has extended integration in the hands of group purchase market, the push force in the market behind gaopeng.com, F group, QQ group of three Tencent, group purchase website integration, group purchase website integration tide will be intensified. (text / Wang Liyang)

group to buy the market towards the integration of Tencent push three brand joint

not long ago, Ganji reached a strategic cooperation with Wo Wo Group, the group purchase business operated by Wo Wo Group. The recent news Tencent behind pushing its holdings of the high F group with its own QQ, group purchase, three group purchase platform integrated operation. High performance in the domestic market just passable, Tencent lose confidence to friends, so take advantage of the integration of brand value and Gaopeng group purchase group purchase business department of Tencent.

Gaopeng has become a can not afford to help A Dou, but the F group has the development potential, the Tencent has focused on F group body, the master F group as a group purchase business, Gao Peng and QQ group purchase to provide support and assistance to the F group. The next guest layoffs inevitable, around the sub station will also continue to close friends, the most valuable friends only friends this brand, until the F group took over completely Gaopeng’s operations, Gaopeng will be F group merger, and finally disappeared in the history of business.

buy site loyalty is low three joint operation strength

Gao Peng, F group and QQ group three brand common operation has several advantages. The first group purchase, customer loyalty is relatively low, group purchase consumers to buy the product or service will find a few group purchase website comparison, according to the personal psychological conditions set by the consumer choice in a group purchase website, three well-known brand group purchase joint operations is good can compete for more consumers, like you are considering to drink Sprite and Fanta or when in fact they are products of Coca Cola Co.

second, the three group purchase website of Tencent system consists of three team, and the country has a sub station, if the three group purchase website integration, closing some areas with sub station, the integration of three party website staff, and finally by a team responsible for the operation will have a multiplier effect, but also can save the manpower cost. In the purchase of funds when the site is trapped, the cost is very important. At present, the Tencent need to make full use of Yu Wen Gaopeng brand, to help F group by the sacrifice of friends.

third, F group and high friend is in the same pattern, multi service commodity based QQ group because of the QQ online shopping platform behind it, so the QQ group are more likely to do some group purchase goods. After the three party integration operations, Gaopeng will become empty shell, F group will develop the service type business group purchase vigorously, while the QQ group in the group purchase of goods.

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