Third party payment was suspended O2O will face a huge dilemma

central bank emergency suspension of two-dimensional code and virtual credit card payment and other services, all companies involved in the third party transactions are subject to constraints, the suspension has also given the O2O model of e-commerce deadlock. The so-called one stone Mottaki, is for safety supervision or consider the interests of all parties and game? The views of different parties, of course, but not all the complex factors.

third party payment suspension will affect the industry?

street is full of two-dimensional code figure, and the generation of two-dimensional code is very simple and basic technical content. Now the two-dimensional code payment across all walks of life, like the recent relatively hot mobile phone, Alipay Mobile Phone Wallet, taxi, major shopping convenience stores scan code payment and so on. Alibaba and Tencent are mainly involved in the two giants of a variety of services.

third party payment risk what?

a lot of lawless elements and businesses using two-dimensional code convenience, and the formation of a low threshold. Two dimensional code to hide viruses and Trojans and other programs. But consumers scan code, mobile phone will be poisoning, resulting in the theft of personal information and personal property codes need to be cautious so we take wings to itself.

CCTV broadcast "mobile phone after the loss of Alipay will not lose the money", but also to the third party payment risk warning. Third parties to pay the associated phone is a very dangerous thing, if you do not set up the relevant security barrier, criminals are easy to use the phone to retrieve the password, which is easy to take account of the account. Therefore, the mobile phone related property accounts must set up a variety of security settings.

interests of the game or security considerations?

said the central bank suspended the purpose of third party payment, is to regulate the development and protection of the financial consumer rights and interests, not for some enterprises and other factors of interest. But the views of the parties is not a bank, related support to suspend the third party payment and virtual credit card business voice, said credit cards are virtual card in the Internet online, can not effectively identity certification, will bring the credit crisis. Will cause criminals posing as other people to claim it, so as to cause unnecessary trouble and loss. There are professionals in the financial sector believes that the Internet has not yet issued an effective financial regulatory measures, if the Internet at this time to enlarge the amount of words, but it will cause unnecessary trouble and risk.

support there are objections, there are other people in the industry believe that the traditional mode of bank card, bank card issuance must go UnionPay card every time consumption will have a fee under the line, each cup can share to 10% of the fee, and the mode of payment of two-dimensional code and virtual credit card to go do not need to pay each UnionPay through UnionPay, cannot enjoy fee, which directly involves the interests of the union relations. It is clear that the various factors are inseparable from the interests of the game.

regardless of whether it is for financial security regulatory considerations, or third party payment security factors. Hope that all parties can

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