See the spring delivery becomes slow delivery from Shi Zhongyu website operation


Shi Zhongyu" Jade Jewelry Mall site planning and development after nearly half a year, the site is already close to a month, the first month of operation index is sales of over 5W. At present, the sales volume is 34220 yuan in the whole of the week, and the result is satisfactory to me in third weeks. After all to the jade goods become a new year gift darling, is Shi Zhongyu first bus ride on the New Year season, followed by the 2.14 Valentine’s day. So it is a good start, stone by virtue of the price of their products, that is not expensive to buy goods for the purpose of jade really, or more in line with the needs of young people. On the current data, the majority of users are to buy jade to send people, such as new year’s home to bring their families, or to please their old mother-in-law. There are also used to send leadership, after all, there is an old saying "gold prices are priceless jade", only a small part of the user is because buying jade Shi Zhongyu in the year of fate.

but for now, although many people ordering, but the most difficult thing is the courier service industry. Recently, the courier industry in general prices this is not to say, the Spring Festival is approaching a lot of courier services have not, estimates of many websites also encountered similar problems. Before a courier sent from Shanghai to Zhejiang, the fastest 2 days, but this time I met 5 days embarrassed exit. This process is really tough ah, because Shi Zhongyu is a railway station, some users even thought it was cheated, shouted to the personnel of the service. And we can only do a good job, as far as possible to ease the mood for customers, of course, there are some orders for a refund operation. It is a pity that the spring has become a "slow delivery courier".

listen to my express supplier said the winter season is also the courier industry, new year’s day during the Spring Festival, many businesses began to promote, and usually frugal users are also willing to increase demand at this time shopping. Usually received every day in almost 8000 pieces of goods, basically doubled. Listen to him almost "ruin"! Although advance have been done for the season, but the plan changes, whether because of manpower or natural weather, all complaints are "critical"! Some courier companies in January 24th has already begun to reject parts, so if the courier company is ready adequate preparation and it must be able to make a lot of money, of course, some small courier company is also timely to see a lot of opportunities.

and now the courier companies continue to appear as "overlord" in terms of manpower, increasing operating cost, service quality has not been well improved, how to change the express logistics industry operation mode should be a problem worth considering. Is it possible to form a supply chain management model for large and small express companies, maybe it is really worth the courier industry friends to look at the Spring Festival Gala at the same time to think about it!

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