New farmers treasure congregation raise his wife concern people’s livelihood so that the rural elec

recently, the new agricultural treasure launched "raise a daughter-in-law" line painting campaign officially began, it shattered the various social questions. Congregation to raise a wife is conducive to solving the problem of rural people to marry a wife, the new rural treasure concerns people’s livelihood, so that the rural electricity supplier.

as early as 2014, when the new agricultural treasure line has been widely acclaimed, the parties agreed that the "new Nongbao" keen to seize the great opportunities of the rapid development of mobile Internet, the integration of multiple resources, to reshape the entire agricultural eco industrial chain, to promote China transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, from agriculture power to the agricultural power, contribute to achieve the beautiful country of great Chinese dream.


in February 1, 2015 the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "several opinions on" deepen reform and innovation to accelerate agricultural modernization document pointed out that the relevant government departments must strive to promote the development of rural informatization, synchronous industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, open up new ways in optimizing the structure of Agriculture, provide strong support for the sustained economic the healthy development of society. This is the national policy for the new farmers treasure all the congregation to raise the bride’s activities support.

new Nongbao heart the livelihood of the people, all starting from the audience, understand people need urgent. Especially for the rural people to marry a wife difficult problem, new Nongbao Lipaizhongyi, regardless of questioning, launched the "congregation daughter-in-law" activities. To understand the rural people the biggest problem is difficult to marry a wife "money" in the future, the new Nongbao also dished out a house as a reward, the dowry, dowry, daughter of these rural people for thousands of years both headache and love things to solve.

Although the new

Nongbao "kindness" questioned by the community at the beginning, but when the line officially landed in Suixian when whitewashing activities, the new agricultural BAOYING to cheers.

The new

Nongbao congregation daughter-in-law whitewashing advertising language

congregation raise his wife activities to increase public awareness of rural electricity supplier. After the online activities officially started, all the slogan "east wind drum beating, marry a daughter-in-law who I am", "buy send agricultural daughter-in-law, family business two no mistake", "married the new agricultural treasure, have a kind of good" circulating in Suixian. It is understood that the new slogan county people love the new agricultural treasure launch, can not help but have to understand the new agricultural treasure led business, hope that the electricity supplier can bring them more benefits and convenience in farm work. At the same time, when asked about the congregation to raise his wife when the event, there are a lot of people said that the new Po Po is a conscience of the enterprise, said he would like to start to believe that the rural electricity supplier is really serving the people.

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