Electricity supplier industry from the rational return of Jingdong freight collection

according to the announcement of the official website of Jingdong mall display, 22 evening, Jingdong in its bulletin board issued a message, the message is not long, but in the industry overnight fermentation, repercussions. According to the "notice" to adjust the distribution policies of the Jingdong store content, from November 25, 2011 onwards, the Jingdong will be 39 yuan less than the amount of orders received 5 yuan freight, diamond grade and above the level of user temporarily not by the impact of the adjustment. This news release in 22, 19, 25, from the formal implementation time is only two days, from the release of information, market feedback, customer acceptance, the formal implementation is almost instant thing, which shows the "Gordian knot" operating style. Market participants generally expressed fears that this is under enormous pressure on the operation of the electricity supplier industry in the last ditch.

Jingdong as the first mall network retail enterprises invest self warehousing, logistics and distribution system at present have been relatively mature, in 183 city across the country to achieve the self distribution, while in the 22 city commitment limit of 211, the Jingdong mall development in recent years is almost general quickly took the jump. But there is a commonality in the electricity supplier industry, a test of all electricity supplier boss pressure source. Whether it is Taobao’s C2C model, or Jingdong and other large mall B2C model, the final step in the sale will be inevitable to enter the logistics sector, the goods will be sent out, the funds back.

according to the plan, the Jingdong will be the implementation of a large mall plan in 2012, commercial layout and audience coverage will usher in a qualitative leap. Is expected in 2012, the Jingdong will be in more than 300 city to realize self logistics and distribution, the same type of city number increase more than 64%; limit of 211 city services will be increased to 35, an increase of nearly 60%; the core of regional distribution even to do three times a day, like a round-trip frequency ratio of day two express company once more.

world-renowned consulting firm in Boston issued 22 "global e-commerce leader: Master China new ecological network shopping" report shows that in 2015 the Chinese online shopping population will grow to 329 million, becoming the world’s largest e-commerce market. In the face of the development potential of the huge market, all make venture capital. Millions of dollars in financing began to gain since 07 years, the Jingdong entered the mall expansion of a trend which cannot be halted state. In addition to the expansion of warehousing, team, Jingdong in the free logistics construction and marketing of the most resources.

shortly before the Eslite submit the prospectus shows, with each customer price more than 100 yuan, the logistics cost will be accounted for 30%. Faced with this data, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong responded on micro-blog, logistics costs 30% should not be so exaggerated, after all, clothing light weight, better than 3C distribution. But every single logistics reflection.after not less than 20 yuan! "On this basis, with 3C company of Jingdong, even excluding the additional pressure due to external CPI rising, perennial free.

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