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late on November 11th, CCTV financial channel of "double eleven online shopping Carnival" special report, online shopping throughout the focus to change the economic growth shows, China. The following is a wonderful collection of content:

Ma Yun: the original imagination into reality today

speaking of double eleven, we certainly want to listen to Ma Yun’s views. Yesterday morning, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma accepted our CCTV financial channel dialogue column exclusive interview, Ma said, I saw so many young people in the. In front of a few seconds out of that, when a peak line smoothly applauded, it was quite shocking. Because of this technological breakthrough, the design of this technology is beyond what the human has not imagined. So this kind of feeling, I saw a young man at the time of design, to exchange eighty thousand transactions every second, the technology of the imagination, to become a reality today. Then the peak line up, I don’t know those women at twelve in the evening will wait so long time. When rushing is really like as to crossed the mountains and seas are whistling. You think, oh peak line, then everyone applauded, I think this is very shocking. I am not worried about this (Figure), I think forty billion, fifty billion, sixty billion of these numbers will not be a record, so I do not care about how much. But I care about is this case, if you sell forty billion, if you sell fifty billion, how many packages to send out to the road safety, no fault, no snow, no rain, I am more concerned about these things. After all this week, I think people will be a little calmer. The host asked Chen Weihong, you say difficult, I asked a difficult relationship with the said dual eleven – 1111 is currently the most love you love to have the number, it registered as a trademark, will let the other buddy will feel more difficult, such as the East, Ning Ning, they may what you think this thing into horse home, I can also use the. Ma Yun said, first, double eleven trademark was not us, double eleven this festival does not belong to us, our colleagues at design time, we registered three years ago, three years ago we think this must become a global double eleven. We want to double the eleven section of the real consumer and manufacturing, is a harmonious relationship between businesses, re build, this is our starting point. The core idea is that the eleven day can become all consumers to share happiness, but if this double eleven day into businesses to play their own brand, you hurt others, in order to determine their own interests, worry about the double eleven returned to the history of the above, when harsh competition, vicious competition, in this time, the protection of trademark protection, the double eleven Festival has become the most important.

double eleven online shopping record of innovation

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