Analysis of the advertising alliance and the profit of personal website

      most of the website is supported by advertising, but many owners do not know their relationship with the advertising alliance between, do not know their own personal website in what position in the distribution of interests in the network, leading to the personal website how to profit way is narrow. This paper attempts to analyze the relationship between the advertising alliance and the profitability of individual websites from a macro perspective.

      first, where does the money come from, who is paying for your website?

      although the advertising alliance paid money to individual owners, they are not the real parents personal website. Behind those who pay for the site is those who want to open up the market through the network of enterprises and businesses, they are willing to find their own products and services to potential customers and pay advertising costs. This kind of business behavior belongs to the network marketing, and is also a part of the enterprise marketing strategy. Advertising alliance acts as one of the channels of cooperation, the extremely fragmented personal sites together, and through the classification of advertising for accurate positioning of the user, thereby providing customers with a source. When the site users click on the online advertising, which is equivalent to the user to push the enterprise service. And large companies like direct advertising on the portal site, thus eliminating the agency here intermediate steps; of course, they also attach great importance to the majority of the user’s hands in the hands of the site. Therefore, companies pay for personal sites, in fact, is to pay for their own market development.

      two, why is personal website valuable? Why can flow into income?

      from the analysis of the first point can see that potential customers is the most love, they do not care about your personal website to see what information, they only care about your users is not what they are looking for potential customers. The hands of a large number of Internet users in the hands of the site, is the most valuable resources, these users can be divided into a variety of needs of the crowd, which there are companies looking for potential customers.

      and information on the website, is also starting from the needs of users, personal website production or organize the information of interest to the user, and a large number of users holding hands, make your own website form value. So it is not difficult to understand why webmasters are very concerned about what keywords can attract a large number of users, because the popular information is often popular demand. Personal website provides for the content, with the help of the SEO content better information feedback to the user, it can attract many users, and these users to browse the contents of your personal website, the formation of a number of independent IP browsing and page number (PageView, PV). The greater the number of PV and IP, the more users on your hands.


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