Expert inquiry Taobao case purchasing brand how to layout

electricity supplier status and problems

positioning high-end, do CK authentic purchasing, the future will join other major brands, improve the overall quality of the shop feeling. But the shop is currently around 500 PV, because there is no genuine license CK, told only to cover the underwear CK logo to do the train, so there is no direct train. All rely on natural flow, Taobao customers and old customer maintenance. Slow development of the whole store.

expert diagnosis

store development so far, has accumulated a certain popularity and customer base. At present, mainly based on the old customer marketing, new customers less, so the urgent need to improve is how to improve the flow of new customers, and optimize the shop page, with a sense of brand at the same time, improve the conversion rate.

store data show that the current average daily number of visitors to the store is only 149, the average depth of access is 4.11, that is, each visitor will visit the average 3-4 pages, including direct access up to 43.47%. The shop visitors to old customers, new customers are lacking, and paid traffic, train and drill exhibition can use, available only in the Taobao store off low base case, there is no way to get the attention of the guest to increase flow. Therefore, we can only continue to optimize the flow of free shops to increase popularity.

adjust the upper and lower shelf time

shop is currently concentrated in the upper and lower shelf time at noon mostly. The data of the Taobao market category:

from visiting the peak data, we can understand: visit peak at 11-12 point, 15-16 point and 21-22 point, this period can, will focus on the distribution of baby shelves at this point in time a few; and the potential and auxiliary baby can choose the following time on: 13-14 point and 17-18 point, 19-20 point, 23-24 point. Combined with the above data, reasonable arrangements for product shelves, through the above method to improve the store’s search authority. Of course, there are a lot of rules of natural search rules, in addition, the need to improve the click rate of the picture, click rate up, traffic up, permissions will naturally rise.

optimization Title Keyword

industry Title Optimization in the "low rise" "Triangle pants" "Lycra" "breathable" "solid" "comfortable" "pants" keyword search volume is above 1W, so the store is 277 title of the baby can make good use of different keywords, so that it can be more helpful to enhance the search flow shop.

For example: "Calvin

a Klein installed three men’s underwear purchasing counter genuine triangular U2661D-CH1 I03 998" and two "CalvinKlein products: Men’s underwear purchasing CK counter genuine STEEL commemorative edition > into multicolor boxer

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