Pat micro shop on the line with an independent QQ App direct shop


] December 25th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Jingdong group’s wireless tools built pat micro shop before officially launched an independent App, support direct personal shop by qq.

billion state power network has learned, with the other mobile phone market shop application, pat micro shop only supports QQ registration or login, does not support the mobile phone number registered.


function in other shops, pat micro shop and other micro shops are basically the same, to support the owner in the mobile phone side of the shelves of goods, edit product information, sharing to social networks, delivery, collection.

according to the information provided by Pat micro shop, currently pat micro shop sellers through the money paid through payment, bank card does not support direct binding. If the seller’s account has been opened through the payment of money, the system will be confirmed after receipt of the buyer, the transaction amount of more than 1000 yuan of the need to join the integrity of the system to ensure that the program will automatically hit the money to pay the seller’s account. Without opening the money to pay the seller, the transaction will temporarily unable to extract.


it is reported that the mobile phone terminal quick shop products in the second half of last year began to appear and off the market quickly, micro shop’s pocket shopping also claims that more than 1200 thousand stores, about 83000000 monthly active consumers, a total turnover of 15 billion 800 million yuan. Jingdong group has two of its products, the Jingdong store micro micro shops and micro pat shop, although the store eventually appear in the mobile phone terminal, but businesses only in the PC client management shop, pat micro shop App significance lies in the realization of the seller in the mobile phone shop management.

another noteworthy information is that, after this, Jingdong micro shop and pat micro shop merchants settled demand is higher than the market on the micro shop products, merchants in the qualification, the scale has certain requirements. In the near future, pat micro shop began to lower the threshold. Previously, pat micro shop is mainly to attract businesses within the pat Network platform, the premise is that there must be business qualifications, and the opening of the WeChat service number, apply for WeChat certification.

and App have just launched a micro pat shop, do not need to open the WeChat service, there is no need to have QQ, WeChat certification, individual users can open their own shop, pat micro shop to attract more small businesses and even individual sellers settled intention is self-evident.

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