Ministry of Commerce strive to achieve e commerce credit laws and regulations in 2015

in Beijing in December 30, reporters learned 30, in order to speed up the "12th Five-Year" during the construction of credit system in electronic commerce, the Ministry of Commerce issued "on the day before the" 12th Five-Year "construction of electronic commerce credit system guidance", and strive to put forward to 2015, the credit laws and regulations of electronic commerce is basically sound, e-commerce credit environment improved significantly, built cover the credit information database of the electronic commerce.

said, "11th Five-Year" period, along with the rapid development of electronic commerce in China, the construction of electronic commerce credit system steadily, the rapid development of the credit service, credit environment is improving, but the lag, the construction of credit standards and regulations of credit monitoring system has not been established, the main business of credit consciousness is not strong, dishonesty complaints remained still outstanding.

clearly, to improve the credit laws and regulations standard system for electronic commerce, establish a sound credit management system for electronic commerce, e-commerce business entities, transactions and transaction information management, and credit protection, disciplinary rules and the implementation of the integrity of praise. To promote the relevant departments to develop the third party credit assessment service providers related industry standards, practitioners standards, efforts to improve the credibility and credibility of credit evaluation services.

opinions proposed to speed up the establishment of key e-commerce operators and credit rating agencies to assess the credit monitoring system. The development of third party credit assessment services, accelerate interoperability of electronic commerce credit information system, cross sectoral, cross industry and cross region, combined with the electronic commerce credit information database construction, promote interoperability with the national credit system.

in addition, the Ministry of Commerce 30, also issued a "guidance" on development of national e-commerce demonstration base to create work, put forward to the "12th Five-Year" at the end of the completion of a number of national e-commerce demonstration base, scale, standardization, industrialization and promoting the development of e-commerce service industry in china.

according to the views of the Ministry of Commerce will actively coordinate with relevant departments in the national e-commerce demonstration base and public information service platform construction, foundation and soft environment construction, strategy and basic application research, improve the SME financing environment, to give policy support.

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