U S mission response electricity supplier business adjustment focus will go to O2O

May 9th news, this morning, the U.S. Group officially announced, will focus on the future of the O2O business, promote the shopping channel from August 1st end, the original product trading team will be transferred to the takeaway delivery business group.


U.S. mission shopping channel screenshot

billion state power network in last night WeChat headlines "Beauty Group traced to the termination of the electricity supplier shopping business" report, internal notification merchants beauty group exposure showed that the U.S. mission network will terminate the shopping business officially. This morning, a U.S. official response to this announcement, the announcement provides billion state power network are as follows:

first, from August 1 onwards, the United States will no longer promote the shopping channel;

second, during this period, the business can choose to terminate the agreement or terminate the contract in advance;

third, the project will be related to the deposit and refund of the deposit will also be carried out simultaneously;

fourth, the original commodity trading team will be adjusted to take out distribution business group to hatch new business;

fifth, in the adjustment period, the U.S. group electricity supplier shopping channel is still providing services to consumers.

It is reported that

, which is the second cut home business, the U.S. group net second times make snap adjustment group purchase business. U.S. mission in July 2013 to buy the Zhang Zhiyong founded the fierce buy network, appointed Zhang Zhiyong, director of the Department of commodity buying, reporting to COO, since the official start of the electricity supplier shopping business.

in yesterday’s report, the business revealed that the presence of the U.S. mission network sales low, pumping up, requiring customers to brush a single predicament. In addition, some industry analysts said, in the face of the Alibaba of this enemy, the United States Mission fund to continue to support the takeaway, group purchase and O2O to store in the fields of battle, and due to the force effect of the United States mission to make such a decision.

following the U.S. delegation to respond publicly to the full text:

service for consumers and businesses better, and continue to focus on cultivating the field of life services O2O, the U.S. group will make a corresponding adjustment to the original commodity trading business, August 1st will no longer be on the shopping channel promotion. Original commodity trading team will be adjusted to take delivery of new business incubator group.

business adjustment period, we will continue to communicate and coordinate with businesses, businesses can choose to terminate the agreement in advance or continue to perform the contract expires. The project will be carried out simultaneously with the deposit and refund of deposit, to ensure the interests of the cooperative business. In the meantime, the U.S. mission will provide consumers with quality services, such as after-sales related issues, consumers can call customer service hotline 4006605335-9 consulting.

in the future, the group will continue to focus on strategic beauty O2O life service platform, to bring a full range of idle away in seeking pleasure experience for consumers.

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