Stand on the buyer’s position to do the most efficient marketing

does not have a promotion way is more effective than the word of mouth, there is no one business model is more efficient than customer satisfaction as the main line. I am not a customer service, but the experience of a few small things, I am impressed.

was in the customer communication group, a baby hippo MM consulting a Levi’s goggles, said he also dont know for which. Just that it will be more free, let her send me a photo, and then she recommended a blue TR90. She told me that before the boutique bought a flat mirror, the poor quality of a few days on the bad. I told her that our glasses, do not say too long, two years in the eyes of the normal wear and tear you find me at any time, I give you change. Originally, she was hesitant to buy this product, and finally pulled together to buy a friend to pay 2 glasses, but also took a few other things to scrape together $200. Delivery time to send her to the mobile phone chain, and did not tell her that she was happy to receive the goods. After that, even in other stores to shoot things, I have to ask for advice. Say summer also to buy some sunglasses with friends.

New Year’s Eve night, we want let buyers take 50 automatic hang on shipping. The 11 point is just to eat back looked at Wangwang, a man wanted to buy a flat mirror with anti radiation lens myopia, ask I should with what kind of lens, obviously can feel his breath is just ask the. In the 68 and 118 two in the 68 lens I recommend this, I told him that "although the 68 yuan, but the online shop is close to the price of 200 yuan, has good collocation you this frame I think is right. As for the 118 kind of course better, if we pay more frames I will recommend that you give to you next time." I think he did not recommend expensive just recommended more affordable, also very generous payment orders.


for more profit and recommend more expensive, so sellers think you just want to sell his products, this may earn less, but let buyers think you in good faith for his selection of products, then he is more likely to be in the store after the loyal fans, and recommend to friends. Long afterwards, which is more than


this time to talk about a price problem is not easy to cut prices, but it is easier to lose a single. The biggest difference between online shopping and online shopping is that you can not personally feel the goods, do not easily cut prices, more use of our product quality…… Certain……" " in fact, our products have been very favorable price, but because we do not like the quality of others, so……". If you are not confident of their products so that you can also convey such confidence to the buyer? When he went to consult you, not less that a few dollars needed, but get a confidence that what I received sure than I expected satisfaction". If you are able to convey the confidence to the buyer, then it is not far away from the next payment.

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