We issued new T shirts but is also more difficult to return to the top

is inspired by the aged founder of their preference.

We like

for a long time no new news.

until April 7th, it released a new series of VT in 2016, inspired by Mu Dan, Marcks, Eileen Chang and other artists of the text. Where the founder Vintage has been dubbed the name of the young artists, the art route, every guest is also called his personal preference.

launched the same day, the official website of the station where the customer traffic and sales is 5 times daily, the next stop to traffic and sales every day 11, daily 2 – 3 times, was a lot of exposure "only God knows how much I love you the best for this sentence related Marcks T-shirt, followed by Mu Dan the" beast "Eileen Chang," the little match ".

We only sell

business in the early 2008 began selling shirts, T-Shirts, started in 2010 to launch VT, wherein V represents VACNL, is vancl. In 2011, we launched 1500 models and 120 designer VT printing, divided into original animation and culture, a powerful and unconstrained style multiple concepts, pricing is still 29 yuan. VT continuation of last year’s sales of hot state, where the customer has become the star product.

but the heat, it is quite surprising, because VT has previously had this theme style. Currently there are 11 lines of products, we see on the official website, as well as some of the new products marked pre-sale time. Aged founder said, is not the capacity problem, but to the new plan.




is now back on sale for this T-shirt art, will be more like solving a billion debt and cleared to return after a huge inventory.

it is understood that the amount of these inventory of nearly 2 billion yuan, inventory inside a variety of single products are. Such a huge backlog of inventory from the beginning of 2011. When customers crazy expansion, its open platform, allowing the third party brand settled. A large number of "third party brand" Weihuo into the warehouse where the customer, to inventory pressure, at the end of 2011, where the stock reached 1 billion 445 million yuan.

how to digest inventory, we say they are beginning to strictly control the size of the product, good quality products continue to sell, not a good product sale processing, some single product is reduced to 9 yuan of money to put it thrown out.

was founded in 2007, where the customer, may make you the most impressive is Han Han in 2010, Wang Luodan and Li Yuchun in 2011 and Huang Xiaoming VANCL style advertising. >

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