Wang Zhefeng e commerce website to improve the turnover of the 6 programs

‘s most successful shopping sites are not necessarily the most traffic sites, but must be the most able to convert the site to a real customer site.

for the success of the shopping site, traffic is a very important indicator. Recently, often can see some shopping website operators to help post: daily traffic is still very high, but the recent sales website did not go. Here is a reflection of a lot of shopping sites are faced with the problem: how to convert a large number of Web surfers to real customers?

network for buyers, some shopping sites currently exist many problems: online fraud, products are difficult to quickly find the link to open, too slow or unable to open, picture display is too slow, but the quality of products and so on, which is very difficult to shopping. This makes some of the potential customer base gradually lost, and the new customer training to pay more time, which indirectly reduces the number of purchases.

I draw on the experience of some mature e-commerce websites at home and abroad, in order to improve how to improve the conversion rate of the shopping website.

search engine optimization, or have a clear navigation

search is a customer to find goods fast, if the search function are implemented correctly and effectively, you can avoid repeating the browsing process to find goods, shorten the time of purchase, so as to achieve the purpose of improving conversion rate. A powerful search engine keywords, but also intelligent recognition of one or more misspelled, to find the most likely meet the goods.

an organized search engine should have the following requirements:

1 search engine should appear in the home page and the list of goods most visible above;

2 shows the price information of the product in the search results;

3 error search occurs when a friendly user interface is opened for customers to choose;

4 shows a small picture of the product in the search results;

5 provides " in search results; purchase this product " link;

6 Analysis of search results to see the use of customers in the high-frequency search keywords;

7 uses analytical tools to monitor and analyze the customer’s purchase from the search results.

I see

for more details on writing:

Wang Zhefeng: search box will be the best choice for large-scale integrated website user experience

as much as possible to improve the display effect of the product

shopping site can not avoid the drawbacks of a commodity can not see, only through pictures to display goods. Therefore, it is an important way to improve the effect of product display by using clear pictures, dynamic and three-dimensional display of products. However, when a large number of Flash images, features enlarged display and three-dimensional

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