Su Ningyun stores to upgrade the equipment to help identify the face of online information technolog

for 6 years, from the "Suning" was renamed "Su ningyun", Suning hope to realize the transformation of enterprises from the traditional home appliance retailers to the O2O mode of the Internet, but the Internet is only the beginning, in order to enhance the user experience and welcome the coming of the era of data, the next line of Suning stores into the open view (Face++) smart business solutions to carry out the data of operation and service.

data show that even in the most developed e-commerce in the United States, the proportion of consumption of the line is still as high as 92%, how online retail link to promote the competitiveness in the industry has become the problem of survival of many enterprises, waiting for customers is to sit and wait for death. Frankly accept the wisdom of the arrival of the era of big data business, with new ideas and management methods to respond to change in order to make a more accurate and comprehensive market forecast. The new business model and business model will be integrated intelligent business system in order to achieve a healthy operation. The so-called intelligent business, is the commercial system of intelligence, that is, the use of modern science and technology information technology, the traditional business model and efficient integration of e-commerce model of intelligent operating system. The next line due to the statistical difficulties, always rely on incomplete data to store operations, customer number, age distribution, sex ratio, residence time, store climb rate and a series of online is very easy to get the data in and out of the online store is dystocia, which greatly restricts the development of the next line of business intelligence operations.


(Face++) as open intelligent commercial products

diagramTo solve the problem based on the

data, Suning treated by open (Face++) business intelligence system "wisdom stores" in Beijing first floor, by arranging a built-in infrared optical sensor stores under the line entrance Suning TOF depth camera to record in the customer group, can set the time period of the output results and implementation the changes in the flow of high precision monitoring. Collect all through the customer through the face image, face recognition, flow statistics, judgment and behaviors of customer groups density zone classification analysis, big data will eventually flow line. In addition by the open view (Face++) joint research and development of the human science special as the first dedicated HD can identify customer’s gender and age, VIP positioning, customer records the length of stay, each time the counter node changes in the flow conditions, with the artificial statistics information, Suning stores can be the first time to grasp customer group changes in time, improve the management and sales strategy to realize the intelligent management.


Su Ningzheng from a traditional home appliance retailers gradually transformed into a life service providers, service providers are the most important user experience. And if in a smart environment, every time you visit are likely to be the data base to provide better service for customers to Suning, this is equivalent to you at the mall every hour and moment have a understand you, have an eye but never say the Price Guide >

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