Personal website boast seven tactic

Do you have a beautiful home on the Internet? It maybe after you carefully "decoration", has a beautiful interface, rich content, reasonable structure, but a deserted house, every day only a few guests baba. Is it strange? Do a good home how no one to see it? Don’t be discouraged, it’s just because your home page lacks enough publicity. How to promote their own home, in order to improve the access rate, so they have established the website Mingyangtianxia? Please look at the seven homepage "boast" trick:

A, to the search engine registration

this method believe that many users have tried, but found that the effect is not obvious, why? There are three reasons: first, the search engine on the Internet is too much, and want to go to a registration is probably not possible. With addweb and other registered software may not be able to help you all registered successfully. Secondly, if you do is the Chinese home page, then in the famous search engine Yahoo, excite and other registration, will you visit the home page of foreign friends and how much? Again, if someone comes to these engines, the results are likely to be hundreds of thousands. If your home page is not ranked first, then would like to continue to look down until you find the home page and how many people? Therefore, only by this method to improve the access rate, is waiting.

two, in advertising exchange organizationAt present, there are many online

three, by e-mail to inform a friendThe method of


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