n consideration O2O SF into Wang Wei can not break away worries

a few days ago, private express enterprise giant SF EXPRESS (SF express) announced, will be involved in the "rural" receive a market, and to encourage their employees to start "". It is reported that SF is a new attempt to explore, through the establishment of a fund to support, encourage SF internal staff to the central and West China and North China rural area open agent site.

This is

SF in recent 20 years, the first delegated agency authority, open their own logistics system. Peak brother guess, SF may have taken the "control" of traditional chain enterprises commonly used agent method, namely SF holding 51%, 49% shareholding by agents, agents (SF and SF staff) jointly funded the proposed logistics network, in which agents (due to limited funds to employees is done by loaning SF).

Wang Wei’s worries and foresight

for 20 years has been adhering to the direct SF, now the change is more like a kind of upset. To know the reasons of SF has always insisted on direct, because it is difficult to manage, to join agents. What is more, in joining SF, to win customers by SF banner, independent portal. But it seems that the peak brother, behind this change, is the highlight of Wang Wei (SF Group CEO) the worries and foresight.

in the traditional courier services, SF from four up to catch up. In Beijing, such as Shanghai first-tier cities, Shentong company also has been able to do on the next day, with not much difference between SF speed. And they are also carrying out such as charter flights, sea Amoy transport business. Even outside the three line of the city, the four links a more competitive.

in SF advantage of high-end courier field, also from the post (EMS) market threats, especially in the post before IPO in the Yangtze River Delta, the round of price cuts, which led directly to the SF orders in the Yangtze River Delta has slowed sharply, since the SF "strength" is not complete recovery.

on the other hand, with the Jingdong, Haier goodaymart logistics enterprises to the world, but also indirectly exacerbated the SF in the whole logistics industry’s competitive disadvantage. Especially the Jingdong logistics, the logistics efficiency in first-tier cities compared with SF, ifheavier.

if we put these factors called Wang Wei worries, then Ma led by rookie network, it is the wave of the Internet to bring the impact of sf. According to industry sources, the current orders SF in the field of electricity providers accounted for only 10% of the market share and the status of SF in traditional logistics obviously do not match.

SF express self redemption

for the threat of market competition, the heavy SF also made some actions.

is the first logistics service price adjustment, SF has recently launched a city 8 yuan, 12 yuan provinces "cheap" service, which almost equal in price four up. That is to say, at least from the price competition, SF to ensure their own competitiveness, as far as the user.

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