Domain security tips to prevent theft

A recent

Forum on hacking phenomenon, as we all know, "though, is too simple, if the number is stolen, didn’t write protection, then everyone can put inside the domain directly turn away, and turn away, even if you have trouble you to go to the police,". You can say in private transactions, is not easy to handle, plus our forum is currently the best China, is also the largest forum, we sell the domain name in the sale, even if someone steal your number, if you do not do too much, and the domain name is the master, a master of the forum. What if a Trojan horse for you, I think you will not pay attention to ah, such a thing is really terrible, besides, the broadband IP families do not correct, you should know if you restart broadband, IP will change, unless you use the server will not change, because I was doing China Netcom, we also have IP, if you QQ QQ sometimes we will show in a foreign country, so now the IP is only for reference, of course, telecom IP good point, the general will correctly show where, but be careful, IP will change, restart immediately, do not believe you you can go to try the.

said this, we all know that the recent trojan is very crazy, you can kill the virus, or reinstall the system is gone, if you in the Trojan, even you don’t know, I have a friend and experiment, he made a Trojan horse, and then packing shell packing up and common people not to come out, the website, then let me go, I look after the account and password all I used on the computer all sent to his mailbox, is really terrible, as long as I have, are displayed ah, don’t say now the Trojans steal game account. Now, what kind of people have, what kind of account password can be stolen, that how we do it, I was not very clear, because it is not possible to you what sites are not the point, I have to experiment, I summarized some, I hope you and the owner, the administrator can. Test, feasible not to see everyone:

: don’t know. Some do not click, click on some, there is nothing to download things, but all of the things do not open or download to use, first with antivirus to kill, look there is no viruses and Trojans, Trojans are now a lot of very good packaging, generally do not check out, everyone what kind of antivirus that I don’t quite understand, what kind of Trojan kill I do not quite understand, but we don’t go to the website and click on unfamiliar people, things in the unfamiliar sites, even if you must go, now installed antivirus, basic Trojan antivirus software (Kabasiji Kaba also sad) and some people are using to buy tools, they can kill Kaba, even Kaba, so we don’t go to some unfamiliar website.

two: at present, our forum is the best and most complete Chinese. Basic domain name transactions in addition to name, 66, that is the Trading Forum, but now I only feel bad, is a registered member of too much, too many registered members can also sell things directly, this point I >

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