Micro electric chamber of Commerce to make micro blog better

has been in the micro business circle of friends without friends, micro-blog has yet another form of allowing themselves to join the ranks of micro business. Although it is not called micro business, it may be called micro electricity supplier.


October 13th, micro-blog released a new version of the client, the user can directly publish goods on the client. Micro-blog micro electricity supplier through the certification of the user can also give priority to the experience of micro-blog showcase advanced display capabilities, in a micro-blog can be recommended for 9 goods. Micro-blog relevant responsible person said that the upgrade is expected to further activate the micro-blog fans economy, strengthen the viscosity of the relationship between micro-blog’s interest in social relationships, while improving the micro-blog advertising + electricity supplier business ecology.

so, what kind of goods can be sold micro-blog, micro-blog’s blog in addition to the release of their goods, the user can also recommend third party e-commerce platform goods. Currently has access to the electronic business platform, including Taobao, Tmall, micro sell, the future will access more business platform and brand businesses."

is a very simple thing, while the user can brush micro-blog, while sellers. If WeChat micro business is going to take the road of economic circle of friends, then this is the way to go micro-blog fans circle economic road. In other words, WeChat micro business to earn money is a friend, and micro-blog’s micro electricity supplier to earn money is the fans.

in my opinion, the circle of friends and fans circle is a difference, a big difference. WeChat circle of friends, mostly is a combination of various relations, such as students, such as fellow coworkers, such as classmates, such as fellow colleagues, perplexing relationship. Even, they may not be familiar with each other, do not understand. Micro-blog fans circle of people, because the vast majority of micro-blog operators, micro-blog content, micro-blog concept of approval or worship together in groups. WeChat said that if the circle of friends "belief is a riot of colour", the micro-blog fans circle concept is "a thousand in a red". Obviously, the fans circle of beliefs, ideals, hobbies more consistent, their spiritual cohesion stronger.

everyone because of common interests and common beliefs together for worship, because you respect, but this opinion leaders has fans to earn money, you bear? Micro-blog to bring micro electric chamber of commerce what?


in my impression, before a lot of popular micro-blog V is nothing more than forwarding a few ads, or in the personal introduction of a number of advertising information, it is enough. Most of the fans also understand it, who have to make money! But, when pointing Jiangshan big V side impassioned, while out of the mask, milk powder, floral skirt, red wine, every kind of commodity to their fans to sell, how do I feel all weird. This is not the micro business circle of friends to do.

I saw some personal micro-blog operators maintain micro-blog very hard. Every day to take time to interact with fans to answer questions from fans, but also from time to time to engage in a variety of sweepstakes and other activities to stimulate, to attract, grow their fans group

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