Juhuasuan latest data VeroModa a sales 10 million


] April 17th news billion state power network, Juhuasuan in April 9th to 11 to participate in the women’s brand group data show that the group’s bestseller dress brand VeroModa and only occupy the top two, among them, VeroModa sales up ten million, sales of up to 56 thousand.

figure for April 9th to 11 Juhuasuan brand part of the brand

figure for April 9th to 11 Juhuasuan women’s goods ranked

in the top fiveAccording to

billion state power network to understand, sales of the top ten women’s group the brand merchandise, VeroModa accounted for 7, only accounted for 2, accounted for a total of 90% bestseller group.

in addition, there is a group of women’s brand sales in the first ten items from the ratio Li, although only one, but the highest price offered. But in the past ten commodities, most businesses have begun to prepare for the summer.

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