Why do e commerce network marketing coupons

how to do promotional activities are a lot of electricity providers have to learn and summarize a course website, because through the promotion of our online store will attract more users, only more traffic and sales. Coupon is a kind of marketing method commonly used, so why e-commerce network to do marketing


in fact, we all understand this truth, different consumers have different purchasing power, there are differences in demand. So in the face of the same product, different consumers are willing to pay a different price to buy. As a businessman, of course, consumers would prefer to spend the highest price they can afford to buy products, so the promotion came into being, in order to meet the different needs of consumers to buy.

strong intention of users, regardless of promotions they will buy, but just a little bit worse intention users only orders promotional activities in you, so in this part of the user, discounts, coupons, integral, shipping and other fancy way emerge in an endless stream. The following is talking about how to do marketing coupons.


1, marketing psychology

(1) intuitive

coupons can allow users to have a better psychological user experience, more intuitive feel that they enjoy the benefits. That is because, if price discounts, the product page will be a discount price, all users can enjoy; and use coupons is the product page displays the original price, the price has not changed, only the use of coupon users can enjoy the corresponding discount. The latter is more intuitive, stimulating, allowing users to feel their own attention and unique, but also show the authenticity of the coupon marketing, effectiveness, increase user trust.

(2) screening

why coupons marketing in the user psychology and a screening function? Is very simple, and the beginning of the article mentioned, the intention strong, regardless of who cares about the product coupons will order, so the formation of a threshold in the invisible, to the user in a screening.

This threshold is

and demand linked, are willing to buy, strong demand of users do not want to waste time so don’t cut to use coupons, because there is no will buy, then we will reach the purpose of getting more profit; while the other part of the demand is not so strong, but more sensitive to the price the user, the coupon will stimulate their nerves, never use the same coupon, our purpose is achieved — even if the profit is low, but we develop more new users.

2, effect evaluation

coupon marketing also has a very big role, is to promote a different method of statistics. In different website promotion methods, we can issue different coupons (different denominations, different numbers, etc.)

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