Now open shop experience strategy summary

e-commerce is not the main direction of the development of the Internet, which is widely accepted in the industry. Now, more and more people are doing e-commerce websites, including "network shop", which is the most common in e-commerce. Because the cost of construction, technical barriers are very low, so the shop is the most popular.

what kind of person is suitable for a shop on the Internet?

1, the office of civil servants, * * *, every day from nine to five fixed working hours, eight hours of duty at noon and rest in the office, but not too many tasks can be done every day for at least a few hours to look at the newspaper, drinking tea, chat, the Office can access the Internet, but only occasionally game. Because the fixed work time to go out to do any part-time job, including the network of part-time because can not be shipped, can only watch helplessly net.

2, remote areas, the outskirts of the city and the post office is quite far distance and courier companies have refused to send a local, network sales, transportation is a big problem, low costs, is undoubtedly a heavy competition in chips, especially the network sales, are often the best selling price of fifty yuan, or lower commodity, if the postage reached ten yuan, which greatly reduces the customer’s desire to buy, even if the express are not, can only go to the post office, mail, express package EMS, the transport disadvantage is even more obvious, peer competition, purchase price of commodities and sales prices are the same, in this situation often because the postage issues in the fierce competition in the defeated.

3, will not take pictures, do not intend to buy a map, business with a small capital series of weapons (camera, photography studio, lights and other stores).

4, a massive investment in network transactions, do not want to shop, but also have a competitive advantage of the supply of owner. The shop is like this, the initial cost may be just hundreds of thousands, before long, tunhuo will grow exponentially, imperceptibly, inventory will be a huge number, such as non professional stores, this figure may become a pressure, the shop is no longer an easy topic.

5, a small, under the old or the couple joy in their marriage. beautiful new home just decoration end, in short, is not suitable for at home are full of inventory, delivery boxes, foam delivery and so on goods stores. Once the home often messy degree of delivery, as can be imagined even business small commodities, for example, our jewelry is a room full of dust, foam, plastic packaging, scissors and so on, home of the child, this not only is not clean, may not be safe.

6 and other reasons, no supply side or their delivery stores. If you belong to more than one class, and would like to open a shop, sell is appropriate, do not need their delivery, no pressure on the stock, do not have their own photo retouching, ha ha, as long as the shop need, manufacturers are all fix, with these, open a shop is an easy job to do. Things.

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