Online shopping by electronic commerce law is the quality problem

Fang Lu

November 25th, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng said that five years, China’s online retail growth of nearly 30 times. 2015, China’s e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 18 trillion yuan, online retail sales will occupy more than 10% of total retail sales of social consumer goods. In the case of explosive growth in Internet consumption, China will develop the electronic commerce law, accelerate the construction of statistical monitoring and credit system.

allows consumers to enjoy the real fun shopping and merchandise touch experience, has been the biggest difference between physical retail online shopping. Therefore, virtual online shopping under the real deal, hidden many problems. In December 5th, Chinese electronic commerce research center of law and the rights and interests of the Department Assistant Analyst Yao Jianfang told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, customer service service, refund issues, false promotion, exchange goods, network fraud, delivery delays, quality problems, network goods, order cancellations, energy subsidies and other ten major problems in online shopping.

online shopping complaints rose

China Electronic Commerce Research Center released a report shows that the first half of 2013 online retail market transaction size of 754 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 47.3%. As of June 2013, China’s online shopping users reached 277 million people, an increase of 29.4%. In the first half of this year to buy the country’s total market transactions amounted to 23 billion 898 million yuan (including buy platform), compared with the same period in 2012, compared to $14 billion 650 million, up by 63%. The cumulative number of users in the first half of this year has exceeded 100 million mark.

huge transaction size, the complaint situation worrying. In the first half of this year, China’s e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform received a total of about 41360 complaints from the national electricity supplier. Among them, the online shopping complaints accounted for 45.40% of e-commerce complaints, buy accounted for about 13.15%, mobile e-commerce accounted for 9.50%, logistics courier accounted for, B2B network trade accounted for 5.83%, the other is. Compared to the same period last year, the field of mobile e-commerce complaints growth significantly, mobile Internet shopping has become a regulatory blind.

from the amount involved, the proportion of the largest amount of complaints 100-500 yuan range, followed by less than 100 yuan, 1000-5000 yuan, 500-1000 yuan, while the minimum amount of complaints accounted for more than $5000, only 8.70%. It is worth noting that the amount of orders in the 1000-5000 yuan and 5000 yuan more than the 2012 complaint has increased significantly, the amount of online shopping single user rose significantly.

according to the Shenzhen City Council in December 3rd released data show that this year the "double eleven" period, the Shenzhen Consumer Council from November 11, 2013 to November 22, 2013, received a total of 412 online shopping consumer complaints, an increase of 118% in 2012 189 accepted.

in the third quarter of 2013, Shenzhen City, district two Council accept consumer complaints.

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