visit Taobao Jingxian million cashback scam

Money of Taobao

very much, Ma Siou around Taobao has found a way of offbeat money! Black scam… Well..! You think scam, spectators may think of C shop! In fact no, fraud occurred in the Tmall store on


Ma rough calculations, this scam a process down, the merchant profit of about 600 thousand or more! What scam it, OK we look at the next



scheme as shown above, is a Tmall shop! May most white see this title, will be very excited! 99 yuan a piece of clothing, and buy every day, return now will receive a piece of money, three months later, the 99 pieces of money back to your account free stuff! Who don’t! This has resulted in a lot of mice in which one! Want to know all the scam started at


see here there may be many spectators who are still in a daze did not reflect! Then the horse to the analytic

scam!A rotten pants like

Maas, here he assumed for the purchase price of 5 yuan / piece! A lot of delivery, delivery costs, Maas also gave him 5 yuan, so the operation cost of trousers is ten dollars! You might say, ten yuan to sell 99 yuan, who is willing to buy? Objectively, you can see that the pants every day cash back one yuan = free for you! China is one such person, free things, even if they do not need to also go to reach for the


and here we assume that a month 10 thousand small white to see the pants, and the purchase of the business so that the amount of sales is $1 million, after deducting the cost of $100 thousand, then there are still 900 thousand yuan!

you might say, isn’t that a return?

yes, and there’s a return, and Maas has positioned the scam for a month. It should return the amount of cash is 1*30*10000=30 million for it! This is not only 600 thousand? Well, a complete cycle, businesses can take out this time, deposit, withdrawals


you might say, don’t you have a refund,


! You bought something on Taobao? Back to the current requirement is that the five-star praise, plus additional comments Oh! You are the star praise, but also how to refund? Confirm receipt after all your money to people Alipay account


you may also say that this is not a deposit it?

margin only a few money, they have to take you 600 thousand run! Again, we are not in front of it? Before you complain, people have to withdraw the deposit out!

maybe you are lucky to get 3 months back now, why not a liar? Business? You’re wrong! It is because businesses brave! Big snowball, want to play more votes! You know second to three months.

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