On the century of war between Taobao and pat


was fortunate enough to talk about the future development of the topic of C2C, but also led to more thinking about the future operation of the C2C platform. Now the C2C platform, although it is Taobao, Tencent, Baidu has ah, "a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, but in my opinion, Baidu has ah to fear, after all, Baidu has ah operations team more members of the Internet, while Taobao has operations in more than two years of a big shake, Ali CEO has many years of traditional business experience of the original B&Q CEO, Mr. Wei, taobao.com by former Alipay President Lu Zhaoxi – operation. Ma Yun boss who do online "WAL-MART", so in the human resources strategy is more likely to be from the traditional super dig to create the management team and implementation team. From the past two years, Taobao’s operating point of view, many strategies and activities are more and more similar to traditional business and even convergence.

, as the Tencent’s main business quality, Ma Huateng as the representative Chaoshang in the start-up period, has established a pragmatic corporate culture, and the culture throughout all areas of the business from the Tencent, Tencent in the development stage and never burn all operations are based on the core of the QQ user group to develop can see out. Therefore, in my personal view, Baidu has ah, although the results of the search to add its crazy ah commodity links, but did not give ah substantial sales breakthrough. After all, in addition to the flow of e-commerce, as well as the conversion rate, while the conversion rate is affected by the platform brand, customer service, payment methods, etc..

so, what will happen to Taobao and pat in this century,


first, commercial war: capital started Taobao in commodity management to "let things drift" attitude, for fake, fake goods, copycat, substandard goods in the loose management mode, hoping to recover the 10 hundreds of millions in the short term investment costs, and capital means pushing listed as a listed company; Tencent, pat has been strictly abide by the principle of traditional commodity management. The final battle of goods: pat in the first round is accounted for the initiative, then if you can push the "brand zone" (including the Internet brand traditional brand creation and personal innovation) and personalized merchandise, can get more loyal customers and sellers to follow.

secondly, the contradiction between the coordination of the war: buyers and sellers contradictions, contradictions between sellers.

The contradiction between

buyers and sellers do not have to say, Taobao has been seriously biased buyers, buyers have pursued the seller’s idea, this contradiction has long grudges. The contradiction between the seller will have to charge when it comes to Taobao: Taobao painstakingly in the capital expansion process, thought a lot of methods to achieve its toll ambitions, initially thought to be logical felicitous wish of making money, charging dream, who knows but the way pat Network, coupled with immature technology (the felicitous wish of making money itself to achieve the function of PPC). In order to continue the rhetoric "free" to deal with Pat competition, Ma had to resort the Alibaba 1 billion high-quality assets in exchange for the acquisition of Yahoo China and PPC >

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