Wu Xianzu talk about the integration of regional characteristics and electricity supplier to form 1

with the development and progress of society, a single form of entrepreneurship is an outdated state. The emergence of e-commerce has greatly improved the people more dependent on some of the products you want to know, through the network to get first-hand information on this product. But more is to have most of the enterprises through their own product features with e-commerce platform, they need to be made one two, the effect is certainly not a simple "1+1=2", so what are we doing goal? And do business the ultimate goal is to achieve a 1+1 greater than 2. It should be said that the goal of many enterprises has reached


said above is to achieve the integration of enterprise benefit by means of, and our local characteristics can be done? The answer is yes, I like in recent days in Internet news reports, see the news that "Zhejiang County in Shaoxing to build the" online Textile City ", as we all know, Shaoxing where is our country textile manufacturing base. It can be said of all kinds of textile industry production in Shaoxing is one of the major regional characteristics, textile goods manufacturing are relatively concentrated in Shaoxing. But the electronic commerce network transactions fast today, textile products made by the network if the business can certainly achieve the benefits of enterprises accounted for more than 30% of the total benefit.

but to achieve 1+1> 2, also need to be achieved through effective methods, specific methods we can have their own area, to analyze the market, how to effectively promote this form. There are several important points:

first, integrity

we do online transactions focus on the integrity of the transaction, as the saying goes, no letter is not a business. Do Internet business, we must establish a set of open and transparent disclosure of credit mechanism and fair and open competition environment and achieve a good commercial reputation, so I will raise substantial Wangzhuan benefit.

second, object

we do e-commerce is facing a variety of business activities with the abilities and needs of the entity, such as deep processing of all kinds of enterprises, taking Mao center, government projects or individual consumers etc… are in the range of our sales target, which requires more of your products are in line with those objects, you the development of their own customers to locate.

third, risk

what is the existence of risk, the risk of the electronic commerce is relatively large, if we find in the transaction object performance or serious defects in other aspects, we should immediately cancel the transaction plan, will let their losses to a minimum. We can use the third party platform to ensure this, I personally think that Alipay is good.

with the advent of the era of electronic information, we have completed transactions through the Internet growing, and now almost all varieties of investment can be traded on the internet. In order to find a more potential way of development, Wu Xianzu today you want to venture Online

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