Chengdu grassroots king of the micro blog 2 million fans how to make



is so described: "when you micro-blog fans over 100, you are a magazine, when more than 10 thousand fans, you are a magazine, when more than 1 million fans, you’re a local television station."

in Chengdu to play micro-blog almost did not know that the "Chengdu Longmen array" this is a very ‘taste’ of the micro-blog. He is behind the manipulation of people with nearly 20 local micro-blog account including "Chengdu Longmen array swing", a total of 2 million fans, its influence even more than Chengdu local traditional media, Chengdu has become a new micro media king.

fans call me Ge

reporter and the Chengdu Longmen swing behind the scenes Wang Ke about a coffee shop to meet. When the reporter has arrived at the coffee shop when Wang Ke has not arrived, agreed to the time has passed when a casual wear, wearing a pair of glasses, boys rushed to. He is Wang Ke, a Chengdu standard after 80, a large Chengdu micro-blog behind the control. Wang Ke saw reporters quickly apologized, he said that he had been in the management of the major accounts to be released in the afternoon of the information, but also to arrange the contents of the advertising arrangements for the customer to deal with, then he can feel at ease to.

he told reporters because it is "Chengdu Longmen array" behind the manipulation of the people, and therefore in the circle of small fame. "They call me Ge, few people have called my name." Wang Ke’s face was red when he said that.

is such a shy boy in the end is how to enter the Chengdu grassroots micro-blog large circle, Wang Ke for the author to restore the whole process of his entry into the industry.

Wang Ke College of medicine is a veterinarian, in 2011, in the veterinary station internship found that every day and animals do not like him. He resigned to a magazine company to do editing, is also the boss of this company put him into a micro-blog in the industry. "I was the boss of the company’s employees to register micro-blog, I also began to contact micro-blog." Registered micro-blog Wang Ke is no longer how management, until one day he wrote in a newspaper to see anyone who made money in micro-blog, I accidentally see newspaper reports about how to use micro-blog grassroots large profitable news, I am shocked."

opened the micro-blog management Wang Ke at this time but rarely have a deep sense of shock, why people can use micro-blog to make money and he can not use this money into micro-blog? When Wang Ke is doing micro-blog’s original purpose. Now talking about these goals, Wang Ke said with a smile: micro-blog is not so simple, micro-blog can have more useful.

he saw a lot of money to make the micro-blog has a lot of fans, high forwarding. "The nature of profit micro-blog is mostly a selection of cold jokes, such as constellation quotations, no zone >

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