Brush credit card online shopping 10 thousand yuan Taobao handbags to close at 100 fee


New Year’s Christmas season is hot shopping season, but also the discount season, credit card consumption naturally unavoidable. However, consumers in the shopping also suffered a lot of embarrassment.

yesterday, the cardholder Xia said that during the Christmas shopping in Taobao, a $10 thousand handbag, due to the use of a credit card payment, the seller had to pay another 1% of the fee. This situation is not uncommon, another consumer Miss Lee also told reporters that her online shopping using credit card payments are required to pay 1% of the Commission fee.

‘s survey found that Taobao credit card shopping and offline shopping, there are credit card fees, but are usually borne by the seller, but many Internet sellers this fee will be passed on to consumers.

in addition, but also pay attention to online shopping payment, typically via Alipay quick payment also points to get a credit card, if the buyer is not bound fast payment Alipay it will jump to the issuing bank online banking online payment, after the payment in this way usually do not have credit card points, but online shopping basically will not be included in your credit card no annual fee credit card number.

text / reporter Li Jingxuan, Zhou Hui

Bank: credit card fees generated by the seller should bear

reporter survey: online credit card consumption is not included in the integral and credit card number

case 1: online payment of 10 thousand yuan to buy packages to $100 fee

looking for a generation of Europe to buy a package of about 10 thousand yuan, with a credit card payment, which is good, I have to pay an additional fee of $1%." Yesterday, the Guangzhou Daily reporter saw the public Miss Xia (pseudonym), she reluctantly said that the recent Christmas discount season in Europe and other places, she found a Taobao want to buy brand-name handbags, kick down conversion equivalent to approximately RMB 10 thousand yuan. Think of at least 3000 yuan cheaper than domestic, Miss Xia paid a deposit of 2000 yuan.

two days after the purchase of the successful purchase of information, and told me that you can help me back from France in two days." So Miss Xia excitedly ready to use Alipay to turn online purchasing handbags tail 8000 yuan. "Because the savings card online transactions every time there is a ceiling of 5000 yuan, in order to avoid transfer two times, I will directly use the corresponding Alipay credit card transfer."

successful transfer of half an hour later, Miss Xia suddenly received a message from the merchant, pro, you are to pay the credit card, there are 1% of the charges oh." Why do 1% of the fee, Miss Xia asked reporters, before a variety of online credit card consumption did not encounter the situation to pay additional fees. Businesses also Tucao said, although expensive but expensive profit margins, and credit card swipe fee is very high, so to charge."

Miss Xia told reporters, in order to save the 100 yuan, she is still selected >

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