Shopping guide website no difference is no future

recently, the discussion of the shopping guide website and more up. Especially in Taobao blocked beauty said,, fold 800, shopping guide website have begun to transform. The value of the existence of the existence of shopping guide, as well as the transformation of the road shopping guide can be smooth point of view is one after another. As a long time immersed in the depth of user shopping guide website, I think the shopping guide website is that shopping guide website is absolutely just needed, depending on whether the success of positioning is clear.

online shopping guide market brings inspiration

to determine whether an industry vitality, usually the easiest way is to see what the industry has done in the market whether there is a user to pay for this, shopping guide website is undoubtedly a strong demand for users. The value of shopping guide, on the one hand reflected in the use of goods from the mass to help choose their own goods, on the other hand is a heavy consumer protection.

take the line, the shopping guide at various shops are commonplace thing, clothing store shopping guide will introduce hard different types of clothes to you, auto 4S shop will introduce you to the performance of the car’s price, even the barber shop there shopping guide will introduce you to the most popular hairstyle, but often this guide from the role of stylist concurrently, and now in the supermarket shopping guide in the shadow is everywhere……

there is a need to explain, now like the ZARA store is considered by many people as "go shopping", but my understanding is that ZARA is only a guide will become more intelligent, from the active variable before the passive, all in the clothing store in the hard sell, let "holding a shopping guide" let you have a more "free" choice of feeling. But if you go to ask those who go back and forth to fold the clothes of the handsome guy, they will tell you the quality of each piece of clothing, style and so on.

line shopping market has basically formed a very mature system, from the guide of the hard sell, to create out like ZARA free purchase environment, guide function has not been replaced, in contrast to the progress of. As compared to online shopping, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, shop No. 1 and other major electricity supplier formed a very large shopping plaza in the square there are a variety of shops, if you are in, you will find that this thing is really a superb collection of beautiful things, free from the start.

In addition to the simple introduction of

goods, shopping guide in fact there is a role, the use of their integrity as a guarantee of consumer goods purchase. In simple terms, a lot of time we buy goods, are said to be from a store in the hands of a person to buy, even if things need to change back or retreat, we first time to find the shop to buy. So, shopping guide to a certain extent, will play a role in consumer protection.

from the above content can bring us some enlightenment:

first of all, online shopping guide website for the existence of the need for users;

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