With AdSense earn too much Google will seal account

, according to a custom mail program website IncrediMail, said they had received a notice from Google today, Google told the letter that they had been kicked out of the Google AdSense program.

It is reported that

, IncrediMail is a website providing email client program for consumers, according to their website, the company’s revenue mainly from the sale of software products, and provide a subscription service, and the content of the database, including the sale of e-mail client sponsored links, advertising etc.. Between 2006 and 2007, they added Google AdSense ads in the mail client program, in the first nine months, an astonishing surge in revenue of $94% to $13 million 300 thousand. So with the help of this spring breeze, IncrediMail also listed.

but they do not know exactly good times don’t last long, Google AdSense which violated the terms of use, from the beginning of 2008, Google closed their AdSense account, and they are all embedded Google advertising is disabled. The company’s shares fell 45%, down to $2.5.

it’s not clear why their accounts will be banned, and they don’t know if their accounts will be reactivated. But from this thing can tell most warning web site operators, do not rely on a single source of income is too much.

IncrediMail site address, the site is still hanging Google search engine.

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