Shop operators subvert the electricity supplier retail giant Suning counterattack


recently retail giant Suning powers Zhang Jindong work in the annual spring deployment conference said that the new year, Suning to Chinese retail industry in the spring to make contribution, do online and offline retail service providers, "store retail service providers + +, this is Su Ning to advocate Chinese retail cloud provider model. In the next three days, the group will focus on cloud business model, from the organizational structure, the annual plan, business strategy, personnel appointments for full deployment." Suning brewing change affects the entire electric pulse, because many people want to read something from Suning adjustment, especially Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin and chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Ma Yun gamble during the transition from the retail giant to the electricity supplier giant Suning, as Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun third the Jindong how to choose, how to change, and then adjust the direction of the industry is worth pondering.

Suning proposed to the concept of "WAL-MART + Amazon" for a year before finally brewing revolution, has heralded the transformation of the giants of the road there is enough to grasp the changes to the control, and put forward a concept of the more worthy of thinking: electricity suppliers and shops. Zhang Jindong began to challenge the Ma electricity supplier status and development, starting from the root to the root directly.


e-commerce subject of contention – shop or electricity supplier (e-commerce service providers)

The development of electronic commerce in

Chinese, Ma is the soul, from the introduction of China, transformed into the concept of electronic commerce Chinese type, a step by step from theory to instill the concept of e-commerce, e-commerce in the future, the fact that Ma very successful leading Chinese to enter a whole new world. Also let many enterprises Chinese bud root, also let a lot of enterprise Chinese shot dead on the beach. Obviously, now when it comes to e-commerce is also deep electricity supplier, that electronic commerce is the main position of the electricity supplier, while electricity supplier is precisely Ma started and spread from the Alibaba,, Tmall, Ali, Ali mother on behalf of a large group of e-commerce business. I believe that every talented people know: how important is the core.

but now Su Ning Zhang Jindong to attack on the main body, Zhang Jindong put forward the main force of e-commerce should be the store instead of electricity, the development of e-commerce retail enterprises should also be dominant, instead of being dominated by e-commerce service providers. The concept of general retail shop, and the shop to do business, is the store, then shop is on behalf of the retailer’s counter attack, attack swept from the source, in the default business accounted for the dominant position of the era, and appear a little turbulence, market effect, and more people are thinking, and germination, the concept is Zhang Jindong was proposed very realistic, just out of many people’s misunderstanding from the choice of words to subvert the store, shop and store, pronunciation, store, and electricity is electronic commerce (here and we usually say there are different, on behalf of Ali.

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