Taobao shop processes and costs Taobao shop how to choose sources

90 women do Taobao shake the body thousand

smart women should know how to think of ways to make money is king, but not blindly thinking about how to save money, not willing to buy cosmetics, clothes to buy. In today’s society, what are the clouds of thrift, women are not ruthless status is unstable, woman is not independent was isolated. Therefore, modern women should rely on their own self, and create a world of their own. At least, that’s what I think. Although a lot of friends say, find a good job is better to find a good husband, but I think it is better to make a career, to prove their value, rather than blindly rely on men. Facts have proved that my choice is wise, is worthy of their own pride.

I am a 90 of the Taobao store, the main business products are virtual goods, such as prepaid recharge, game currency recharge and other aspects of the business. Looking back at the time of the first contact with Taobao, I also feel very confused, overwhelmed, do not know how to adhere to, after all, what they do not know, there is no industry acquaintances. But fortunately, I have the very superior agent is responsible person, he gives me a lot of encouragement and support, guidance and also gave me a lot of experience, let me from a do not understand what the little girl, shake the body into a mature and independent female occupation. I think, if there is no help for him, maybe I really can’t hold on to today. Don’t think that Taobao is a stay at home will be able to earn money thing, actually really down, but really a lot of places to learn. About Taobao promotion skills, and how to keep the customers and so on, are all we need every new home is worth pondering. Do not know can add my QQ381713669 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

even if it’s hard, I’m holding on. From the beginning of 0 to the present income, monthly income of over 10000, it is undoubtedly a great transcendence. At the beginning, I really like a lot of new friends, only to earn post profits, recharge business this way, where profits did not in the past, the five hundred or six hundred dollars a month, bad time also one hundred or two hundred. But I do not want to stay at this level, so I spent more time to learn more promotion skills, learn more open shop experience, but also to share these valuable experience to friends. This helped a lot of confused friends, but also let me successfully sold several sets of software, adhere to a few months, I found a month than a month’s income ideal. Think about it, to help others, but also the achievements of their own, is indeed a very sense of accomplishment. To go down, find a monthly income of over million is not accidental, but inevitable. Although I do, but I will not be pleased with oneself, but in the future, continue to work hard.

actually, for novice friends, starting from the virtual Taobao is indeed a good choice. After all, the cost is low, a rack recharge software just a few hundred dollars, after mastering the promotion skills >

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