NetEase to build cross border cloud platform called koala material 3 days will be reached

Yesterday (August 11th)

news billion state power network that NetEase purchased from the day before the sea koala officially launched cross-border logistics platform NetEase koala cloud material. The project is a logistics system created by NetEase koala joint multinational logistics companies to improve cross-border logistics efficiency.

According to

billion state power network understanding, sea purchase, joint NetEase koala arrow software and sea warehouse technology, to develop the intelligent management system of "dragon" and "Rui Lin TMS cloud system". According to the NetEase koala sea purchase logistics director Yang Haiming introduction, the "dragon" and "Rui Lin two" the operation of the system, the koala can do the bonded goods nationwide 3 days will be reached, in remote areas 5 days will be reached, and the NetEase has been in the koala sea purchase Zhejiang, Shanghai launched the "next day" service.


warehouse management system according to the introduction, "dragon" is responsible for the integration of goods warehousing related information, and automated management of goods. NetEase koala sea purchase in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, 4 port bonded business, will also be opened in the year, Shenzhen, two bonded business.

and TMS cloud system "Rui Lin" is responsible for docking partners system, to achieve full network for real-time data package online. NetEase logistics business partner koala currently includes Amazon, SF, EMS, Tong, tact, sesame, sea warehouse, warehouse storage business and net cross-border express company.


in addition, Yang Haiming said, "dragon", "Rui Lin" two system throughout the deployment, the implementation of the future NetEase koala "24 hours of Genuine Sea Amoy life circle".

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