Jingdong responded to the question of luxury goods without legal issues

recently, the media broke the business did not get any luxury online shopping brand authorized a Jingdong yesterday, mall official said in response, most online sales of luxury Jingdong authorized from the channel at. However, the reporter found that there are still some doubts about the source of luxury.

Jingdong said there is no problem with the law

SWAROVSKI recently released a public statement, saying the company has so far not authorized any site in China to sell SWAROVSKI products. The reporter in the mall to see the Jingdong LV Louis Weedon, Hermes, GUCCI Gucci, COACH Coach, PRADA, Prada and other luxury brands.


, Jingdong mall relevant responsible person said, the company did not obtain authorization from the brand manufacturers, nor brand manufacturers direct supply, but "like PRADA, GUCCI this brand, there are a lot of channel distributors, we obtained the authorization from the dealer channel". The official stressed that the sale of these goods in the law without any problems.

reporter saw on the mall Jingdong, the current variety of luxury goods is still as usual sales, and the current Jingdong mall sold as many as 7 pages of SWAROVSKI products, about 364 products. Among them, SWAROVSKI crystal pendant of a bear, has sold more than 1700 pieces.

is the first Tissot electricity supplier sales of luxury "fire", the brand of publicly accused dangdang.com "father’s Day" promotion Tissot in the last year, and even claimed to sell electricity to genuine Tissot, may not provide warranty.

did not encounter direct representations of brand manufacturers

SWAROVSKI public relations department has been in charge of the media position, for all violations of the Internet or illegal sales of SWAROVSKI products, will consider taking legal action.

, according to industry sources, the "revolt" because of Internet sales of SWAROVSKI, the price is low, and the sales volume increased gradually, weakened the traditional sales channels. This year, SWAROVSKI began to rectify channels, so the statement released.

, however, said the person in charge of the Jingdong, the company did not encounter direct representations of the brand manufacturers, if the brand companies directly to trouble, we may be the first to coordinate the shelf, but there is no."

reporter learned from insiders at this location, such as LV and Hermes as the top luxury brand, its sales do not go through the channel, "LV in the global business policy is not authorized, no agent, not looking for partners, all sales channels are owned." A luxury industry insiders said, and therefore on the Jingdong website, the source of these products is still a mystery.

it is understood that the Overseas Department of Jingdong mall carrying luxury brand gradually upstream task. "We also want to be able to work directly with the brand, without having to go through a circle around the dealer." The official said Jingdong

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