Business growth of 45 81% still can not put Shanghai Jahwa dismal performance

August 15th news, recently, Shanghai Jahwa released the first half of 2016 performance report, affected by the overall impact of weak consumption, a number of performance were significantly reduced, but the electricity business growth than the industry average growth.

billion state power network learned during the reporting period, Shanghai Jahwa revenues of approximately 3 billion 66 million yuan, down 4.64%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 372 million yuan, down 41.89%; 110.95% reduction in net cash flow from operating activities up.

Shanghai Jahwa said, during the reporting period the cash flow is greatly reduced, mainly to pay equity transfer tax 337 million Yuan Jiang days by eliminating the influence of the factors of the year-on-year decrease of 2.35%. At the same time, during the reporting period, sales expenses increased by 13.61%, an increase of administrative expenses of $12.39%, financial expenses for net income of $37 million 830 thousand, resulting in a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies fell significantly.

billion state power network learned during the reporting period, operating income of 340 million yuan for Shanghai Jahwa business, an increase of 45.81%, higher than the average level of industry growth. The main reason is that the first half of 2016, Shanghai Jahwa on digital marketing investment, there are three important aspects of exploration in terms of innovation and marketing:

1, the field of entertainment marketing: through various star testimony, Liushen network user produced content, safflower dew McDull IP gift specializing in the production of content, and Ali Jingdong cooperation, will further open up to the entertainment marketing process in the whole industry chain. In this year’s "417 grass Festival" by Xi Mengyao for Kanebo testimony, spread 360 degrees, in the Tmall network beauty for three consecutive days with the first,, on the first day of the first.

2, broadcast: May 24th, Liu Yan teamed up with Herborist, open the live show in Juhuasuan APP, refresh Juhuasuan live peak record; May 31st, Herborist code extraction series by the United States live debut in the platform, refresh the United States live online fans record sales, compared with similar activities more than 50%; in June 6th, Shawn Huang and GF the United States custom high-end men’s series debut live, brought nearly 5 times compared to before the brand sales for GF. Live to help the brand seamless sales of the scene, through the fan economy to stimulate new customers, enhance the transformation;

3, IP cooperation: last year tried to use the BiliBili live tea tea Yan a mask series release, Tencent sponsored video and


Oriental TV network variety "together to create our 15" TV show later this year in the movie IP level, Herborist and IP cooperation at the beginning of the white mud Kung Fu Panda 3 "; tea color and the cartoon image of McDull cross-border gift in July 20th officially launched IP; in the non heritage level," the 417 grass Festival "Beijing Jin Xin embroidery artists cross-border jointly launched special" Herborist run Yan Beijing embroidered gift box".

it is understood that at the end of last year, Shanghai home

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