They are to be listed on the Amoy brand Liebo Tom gale think

the first batch of Internet brand fortune in Taobao, after seven or eight years of development, only a few brands to down the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. With the tide of the electricity supplier platform listed in the past, the Internet brand craze rising.

other Amoy brand buddy have said has been listed, but how strong, personal independence of conduct style, low-key action Liebo group think? The day before, the implementation of Liebo founder Tang Dafeng group listed on the planning, future development, multi brand strategy made a detailed explanation. The following content according to Tang Dafeng’s narrative.

is not listed Losers are always in the wrong.

Liebo founder Tom gale

: Liebo billion state power network group listed the time plan


soup gale: plan from 2016 to 2017, let nature take its course.

billion state power network: why this year Internet brand began listing each other? This time node ahead of time node had many brands of these brands, why rush to market

?The first batch of

soup: Internet finance is a platform based electricity supplier, the only product of Taobao Jingdong; the second wave of Internet brand, around 2010, there are seven princess Liebo, Han, and so on; the third wave is a variety of wireless terminal and platform of enterprise concept and so on…… this is a gradual process.

companies listed in the capital plan in the first day, there will be a timetable, ranging from 5 to 10 years.

very good respect for the venture capital team, like our investment side Jingwei and Sequoia, never urged me to go to the market.

like the first batch of the Internet platform on the top, of course, the second wave of Internet brands will go to the market.

billion state power network: listing for the Liebo, for these Internet brand

means what?

soup gale: listing is just the beginning of a listed company is more capable of dealing with the challenges of the future.


is a small enterprise Liebo, reflects a new generation of opportunities, a group of grass root to start empty-handed, to feed 800 people, over hundreds of millions of tax, do a few bring a strong emotional brand, and millions of buyers of the common experience of youth.


group, will still do a lot of useless things, will still spit on the bottom line without the rules of competition law of the jungle, then will use literary youth feelings to forging ideal.

billion state power network: after the listing, as Internet brand Liebo

will be changed?

soup gale: if the market, the maturity of the enterprise team will be much higher, the pressure may also become larger, because their public vision, brand influence will increase. The same commitment made by the company, hoping to develop a good investor, which is called the sense of responsibility.

addition, because >

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