ndustry observers home appliance enterprises how to break through the dilemma

do not know if we heard of this rumor, Guangdong, a household business investment about 4000000 to do electricity supplier, and finally burned without a trace. Helpless sigh, paper to the end is shallow, a practice is the abyss. Then Home Furnishing corporate road really is not so optimistic? According to the electricity supplier imprisoned for customer service experience to share with you Home Furnishing enterprise problems and suggestions of electricity providers encounter.

is currently the industry point of view, many enterprises in the electricity supplier Home Furnishing when almost all used B2C+O2O, or pure O2O mode, in fact, these two models are the good choices, but why most still do not


first: the contradiction between the two lines can only become more intense?

there are many B2C electricity providers have good Home Furnishing enterprises, now see O2O is very busy, just want to go Cougerenao, whether 37 twenty introduction, hope two modes mix, has reached the maximum effect, but in fact it? C shop to do good, O2O way, the so-called online to see the price, do the next line experience was in a complete mess, practical line operators who advised consumers online orders for their own interests, originally wanted to through the introduction of user line store experience, improve customer loyalty by experience, reduce the single rate of return and avoid the interests of dealers, but because the internal interests and random impact operations the rules, and the next line operators frantically want customers to store a single, do not hesitate to use some deviation from online operations so that the two words, the contradiction will more Come bigger. Online and offline contradictions should be how to deal with it?

: B2C+O2O, electric imprisoned or pure O2O two models itself is no problem, the key is how to operation. In the course of the actual operation of the proposed top executives to combine the benefits of online operations and line operators to judge, rather than separate, only two ways to cooperate with each other in order to win. If conditions permit, each store or in each area to be an independent B2C platform, the online order business accumulation is divided, online and offline coordination area than performance, than pure online and offline performance better contrast.

second: how to use the flow?

has a real experience for the electricity supplier should be clear, what position which eventually flow into the page, whether the transaction, the transaction in which products, online shopping mall can track the background, so that we can timely for the flow into the position analysis and landing products, realize resource optimization matching. But in fact in the operation process, Home Furnishing electricity supplier executives are rarely on the flow analysis, especially when the introduction of the line flow line, the website can get the data is only UV, PV, bounce rate, floating on the surface of the page information arrival rate. If you want to do a good job home appliances, this is far from enough.

website (shop: business trip or online mall business) than the traditional offline content >

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