Jingdong can revoke Alibaba’s double eleven trademark it

[Abstract] because of "double eleven" is the name of the game itself, the follow-up will continue for a long time, but cannot get this trademark may be invalid, a one-time use of weapons.

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, according to media reports, the Alibaba has made a "double eleven" registered trademark and authorized Tmall’s use of its recently sent a letter to the media said the ads of Jingdong to use "double eleven" infringement of its registered trademark. The Jingdong responded that the double eleven has become a holiday in the entire retail industry, Ali registered double eleven trademark is monopolistic behavior. In fact, more than Jingdong, Suning, Gome (micro-blog), Amazon and other electricity providers should also be affected by this.

Alibaba to apply for "double eleven" brand trademark protection is very creative, and resorted to the magic mark in the stage of intense market competition and the Jingdong before November 11th, is really a fight against competitors and their strengthening propaganda Jones, but because of "double eleven" the name itself is limited the game, follow-up will continue for a long time, but cannot get this trademark may be invalid, a one-time use of weapons.

, a Alibaba in more than a year to obtain why trademark rights to


according to the search result and Trademark Office, the Alibaba group obtained thirty-fifth types of advertising, marketing and other services for others "double eleven" registered trademark is the time of the end of December 2012, taking into account the three months notice period and trademark certificate printing time, the specific time to obtain the certificate of trademark registration should be in 2013 4 to May between.

if you want to use the trademark, the first should be in the last year, adults, why should drag more than a year, to this year’s double eleven promotion before using?

China’s "trademark law" provisions only the generic name of the goods, graphics, models or only directly indicating the quality, main raw materials, function, use, weight, quantity and other characteristics of the mark shall not be registered as a trademark, but through the use of these markers to achieve significant features, and easy to identify, as can be registered trademark. "Double eleven" the name refers to the November 11th business promotion activities, in accordance with the foregoing provisions may be identified as the common name merchants collective November 11th promotion, may also be identified as a descriptive label promotion time said.

if the thirty-fifth categories of double trademark application for the review of the Trademark Office of the inspectors are more familiar with the Internet, it should be rejected in the first instance of the application. Because this logo should belong to the public domain rather than as an intellectual property rights of an enterprise.

even if the Alibaba wants to obtain this trademark, it should also be submitted through the review of the trademark has been used to obtain significant evidence. But the Alibaba since it has been easy to directly obtain the trademark, and the trademark was also being congenitally deficient, is > when in use

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