On the promotion effect of the mall website to the product

for a little understanding of the network of Taobao, Alibaba, Jingdong mall, Dangdang and other online shopping mall will not be unfamiliar. The online shopping mall not only provides us with the convenience of shopping, saving time and energy, only on the Internet need to click the mouse, the natural objects someone sent home, but also to broaden our path to success. Although the 2012 electricity is grad, but it is undeniable that Taobao "double 11" myth is not only a myth, it also has brought huge profits to many businesses.

maybe a lot of people on the mall site huge function and fine structure everywhere is amazing, also want to do a similar website, but not familiar with the construction site, I do not know how to choose their own mall site type, also do not confirm such a website really can bring tangible benefits so, for their own enterprises, product sales promotion of a mall site for enterprise

have what effect?

a complete mall

and other promotional brand type and other types of sites, a mall site is more similar to the line of large shopping malls moved to the line up. Here, consumers can see all products released by the company, including the new shelves, all District Manager recommended, special offer commodity type, the enterprise can also receive the latest release of product information, sales information, can be directly involved in various trading products, discount promotions, view – order – processing – delivery through-train can be completed, and the enterprise online communication or direct orders, more humane than the online shopping system general sales website, more in line with the vast number of consumers to browse and use habits; and for the expensive brand website, mall site has jumped out of a single brand, product diversification, to meet consumer demand from in many aspects, but also make it easier for consumers to compare different brands of products and switching.

mall site is more suitable for enterprises to promote sales


an enterprise should do? This question can be asked one hundred times, the answer is surprisingly similar. The starting point may be the hope that through the site to consolidate their own brand, through the site to reflect their corporate image, easy to target audience to quickly search their own businesses, to attract more target audience…… But the ultimate goal, is to potential customers into real customers, get more benefits from. Thus, for an enterprise website, compared to other types of "euphemism" mall site more direct business and enterprise products pushed to the front of the target audience, and through a variety of promotions to attract the target audience’s favor. In order to obtain more profits. For example, suning.com plans to launch 0 yuan shopping "". The ancient Chinese have long told us that there is no such thing as a free lunch, no pie in the sky, and nothing to eat. Nevertheless, people are often attracted by the temptation of this appearance, Suning Appliance easy >

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