Suning 618 units sales increased 426% over the same period accounted for 57% of the mobile terminal

June 19th news, announced, as of 20 pm yesterday, sales rose 426%, an increase of 353% line stores, mobile client orders accounted for 57%. 618 the same day, Suning stores under the total flow of over 10 million people.

its 618 record details are as follows:

1, mobile phone sales rose by 427% over the same period last year, an increase of 542%

it is understood that in the 618 period, the total mobile phone sales compared with the same period last year rose 427%, an increase of 542% mobile client users attention TOP4 brands are: apple, Samsung, millet, glory.

Su Ningnian Zhongqing event page screenshot

Suning as a traditional advantage of the category, in the 618 day also performed well. As of 18 May 20, in the high-end home appliance product sales accounted for 28%, more than 50 inch smart TV sales accounted for 70%, which accounted for 20% of the surface of the TV, 4K TV accounted for 60%; intelligent air-conditioning sales grew 1200%.

2, maternal category grew by more than 600%, department stores increased by 586%

it is understood that after the transition, the new maternal and child class, department stores, supermarkets and other new business overseas purchase. As of 18 May 20, baby diapers, baby care products such as feed sales grew over 600%. The sales of over 200 thousand cans of milk powder, mask sales break 100 thousand, child safety seat sales an increase of over 20 times, the baby mosquito, bath single product sales break 20 thousand.

addition, leisure food has become the most popular category Suning supermarket. As of 18 May 20, leisure food sales reached 570 thousand, the mobile terminal sales accounted for 71%. Department store category sales growth of 586%, the platform business activity of more than 90%.

3, flash shoot a single day to take over the number of millions of financial logistics performance is good

up to 18 on the day of 20, Suning flash shoot over the number of participants over the number of users, click on the bid to take more than 2 million 700 thousand times the number of people taking pictures of.

During the

years celebration finance Suning also launched financial products and a number of projects to raise the public, a variety of revenue in more than 8% of the long-term financial products sales. As of 18 May 20, Suning logistics tuotou day rate reached 99.6%, of which two hours rapid up service package reached 17 thousand and 200, color TV, air conditioning, water heater and other 36000 appliances to enjoy the "send loaded one" service.

in addition, according to informed, Suning celebrate 618 years will continue until June 22nd, will also launch the Dragon Boat Festival, father’s day and other special activities.

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