To build the Pearl River Delta international e commerce center needs government support

Guangdong as the forefront of reform and opening up, the production base of the gathering place, regardless of geographical location or economic strength, the development of e-commerce has its advantages. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong, as early as 1999 signed the first e-commerce contract, becoming the country’s first form of legislation to support e-commerce city. While in Hangzhou held a "national e-commerce development policy forum" internal meeting, the national development and Reform Commission officially approved Shenzhen to create "the first national e-commerce model city", as a result, build the Pearl River Delta electronic commerce center is the point the day and await for it.


electronic commerce industry highlights, the overall strength can not be ignored, B2B ECVV e-commerce platform, e-commerce website, Kingdee Youshang Tencent, the industry scale of not less than 70. As a trading platform for foreign trade ECVV its trading volume continued to grow, members in more than and 200 countries, in fact, can not be ignored. Shenzhen municipal government said, will strive to spend 3 years of time, the application of e-commerce is more popular, the total e-commerce annual trading more than 300 billion yuan, while fostering 3-5 third party comprehensive service enterprises and a group of professional service enterprises in e-commerce services and related fields, to further enhance the strength of regional economy.

Lecong Shunde District of the town of

in Foshan city has also become a national e-commerce pilot, relying on the formation of Lecong town after the reform and opening up of furniture, steel and plastic three professional market, set up a "Europe Pu steel mesh, prone plastic net and Chinese furniture" as the leader of a group of e-commerce platform. The traditional circulation industry to modern logistics economy transformation.

the current domestic e-commerce industry has formed the Bohai sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl 33 Fen world pattern, although very in the industrial base, city construction, talent reserve and other advantages, however, the Pearl River Delta region, to build the international electronic commerce center, these advantages alone is not enough, the government must strive to cultivate local e-commerce enterprises after all, a good e-commerce platform, still need policy support and maintenance.

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