How to become a qualified Taobao seller Rhyme express to help

for a lot of people who have had entrepreneurial experience Taobao, perhaps Taobao is a sad place. Around a lot of friends with a good wish to start the Taobao business, hoping to create their own career, but many have failed. Still, we have carefully thought about, in the "buy buy buy" popular in the consumer market, why do you want to Taobao by selling things so difficult? Even the same thing, different stores sales

why such a big gap?

most people think: as long as we can ensure the supply of goods, quality, service attitude, nature will be nothing difficult to sell. But practice tells us that it’s not that simple. There was such a real case: a franchise of female cosmetics shop, the store opened in Beijing, one of Nanchang’s customers in the store took a lipstick, and in a hurry, asked the store will be sent to hand in a lipstick within 2 days. Although the owner immediately put things to express mail, but because of the long distance thing, in 3 days to the hands of customers, which also lead to customer dissatisfaction.

many shopkeeper said, very afraid because of their small errors of customers to the poor, so their cooperation in the choice of courier is cautious. At this time is the era of money, want to do a good job in Taobao stores, not only to the full supply, quality, logistics delivery speed is also more and more people’s attention. A lot of Taobao products store owner impeccable, service attitude is serious, but in the end due to the speed of express transportation did not meet customer needs, and frequent occurrence of unpleasant things so many shopkeeper headache.

in today’s era of intense competition, want to do a Taobao store is not easy, need every aspect including express, are strictly controlled, accurate, but high efficiency and good reputation, rhyme delivery solution for many Taobao stores menace from the rear. Rhyme express door to take a piece of fast, fast delivery, the price is also very reasonable, more importantly, rhyme express delivery can take effective safety measures to prevent damage to the mail.

it is understood that rhyme express is a well-known domestic express delivery companies in the country has a large number of distribution centers, to ensure that customers, whether it is sent or take pieces are very convenient and quick. 2016 rhyme express commitment to the success of the on-line operation, since then, rhyme express courier received 24 days before the day of delivery, in the next day before the end of 24 points can be completed. In the future, we have reason to believe that in this era, online shopping tide change rapidly, with the rhyme delivery, consumers buy buy buy desire not only to quickly realize, through the rapid and efficient logistics channels, thriving Taobao stores will also be a strong guarantee.

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