Agricultural products direct supply of electricity supplier is a lucrative business

lead: the rural market covers the total population of 45% people, the stock market size of over 10 trillion, correspondingly, 180 million of Internet users in rural areas, the Internet penetration rate is only 28.8%.

excellent planting environment in the fruits and vegetables in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, a group of farmers, planting their skills from generation to generation, the island seems to smell the fragrance of fruit. But in the end, most of these fruits and vegetables were shipped to Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, mainland China these willing to spend money.

Chinese from Taipei Internet entrepreneur Huang Zhecheng in talking to reporters about this phenomenon, the high cost of planting with multiple distribution links, the local consumers to transport fruits and vegetables, prices are very high, and Chinese Taiwan’s retail market is still a "spell price" market.

Huang Zhecheng’s entrepreneurial program, "Yan Yan," is trying to change it. He and the team often go south, Pingtung, Hualian and other places to look for all kinds of fruits and vegetables planted in the countryside experts, to persuade them to build a brand of fruit, after the selection of direct supply of consumers in their electricity supplier platform.

electricity supplier platform for direct supply of agricultural products in the mainland is also very much. Chinese unique system of two yuan in urban and rural areas, providing enough space for this attempt, from the platform to the farmers, consumers, direct supply of temptation seems very large, this is really a lucrative business


mobile Internet intervention in agricultural supply chain

fast fashion brand ZARA supply chain has been the industry standard, only 15 days to the shortest period of sales from the design. And most of the clothing retailers have been doing this for months. In China, more and more Internet fashion brands are trying to learn and surpass ZARA.

from Yunnan to buy flowers planting flowers to the city should supply Flower Technology founder Rong Chao said, after the introduction of Internet technology in the supply chain, flowers can be from the origin to the florist transportation time shortened from 96~98 hours to 24~28 hours, the loss reduced from about 40% to 1%, to take the goods shop the average cost to reduce 30~40%.

Rong Chao I was born IT technology, this attempt to reshape the supply chain of flowers Internet Technology Company, is how to do it?

first, let growers use APP, should be spent every afternoon on the single, second days to receipt of the amount of farmers in APP fill how many quantity, grab the single after second days, the goods sent to the designated place, the third party logistics company to spend by the appropriate vehicle cooperation in Yunnan warehouse target the staff, classifying, grading, labeling, packaging and flowers after maintenance, and then sent to the area around the warehouse, the purchase of flowers are advised to spend the brand. At present, it should be spent in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou has three regional warehouses, with an average of 2000~3000 square meters per. In the consumer terminal, but also according to their own demand shop in APP single, single day flowers from the warehouse to the florists > area

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