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[twenty-second] reading circles Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair opened in October 21st, compared with the traditional commodity exhibition, this year’s fair show more innovation highlights. During the exhibition, Bonas launched the VR (virtual reality subversive) shopping mall, consumers homes will be able to have the shopping experience personally on the scene. It is understood that the technology will be applied to various sales channels Bonas, interactive shopping scene simulation, for consumers to bring a different shopping experience.

VR interactive virtual reality

subversive experience

VR virtual reality technology is a kind of simulation system which can create and experience the virtual shopping, called the future to subvert the technology revolution style, innovation and application of the giants such as Google, Baidu and other Alibaba, are involved in the technology. According to Ms. Bonas, general manager of the scene, said: "the original intention of the introduction of the technology is to meet the different needs of the individual consumer experience of the. We developed the goods, will design and development of the goods according to the consumers’ pain points, according to the market demand for the production of goods to allow consumers to experience VR, virtual reality technology has become a bridge between consumers and goods, it satisfies the consumer goods for the "try on" experience." The fair exhibition of innovative design, baonasi VR virtual life Museum has attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors to onlookers, VR virtual shopping experience.

Bonas president interview with

sexy show and personalized virtual shopping

Bonas as a representative of the transformation and upgrading of local traditional enterprises, the development of the times, combined with Netdragon websoft jointly developed VR virtual reality technology consumption level, build baonasi VR living museum. In this life, let consumers feel real homes personally on the scene like shopping experience, 360 product details show, consumers can take goods through the handle, to try to experience according to their own digital measurements, can also choose to customize collocation and so on, bring consumers experience and choice of personalized consumer services.

In addition to

real VR living museum shopping experience, Bonas also launched the innovative sexy stockings show. The site will show in Yiwu, as long as with VR glasses, you can enter the exclusive stockings show, sexy models wearing different styles of stockings amorous interpretation in the T stage, with the movement of the human body, can be multi dimension and close touch sensing products, product quality and pattern of silk stockings. Bonas VR stockings show, the global customers enjoy the products of remote reality show, complete product ordering, the weakening of the traditional order will be complicated, strengthen between business and customer interaction and communication, this breakthrough immersive vision, experience personally on the scene will change the traditional marketing mode of subversion.


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immersion experience brings new areas and not

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