Dangdang afternoon price war and war day

in the Jingdong, Yi Xun and other home appliances providers "6· 18" in full swing, clothing sale websites running between the more stalemate, dangdang.com said it will the end of yesterday’s tail collection of big promotion extended to today, the number of over a quarter of 200% brand new. Not affected by competitors blocked, only two months on the line, trying to take advantage of the tail collection of Dangdang electricity supplier price war flash purchase industry pattern change.

it is understood that the tail collection of Dangdang in early May on the line, and now has more than 300 brands to achieve cooperation, of which 60 for the exclusive license. In order to seek a rapid upper end of the exchange of high profile into the electricity supplier 6· 18 decisive battle to the top of the cap, the maximum of $300 to send 150 yuan to fight against.

and in the electricity supplier price war is intense, many garment suppliers exposed domestic clothing sale site requires suppliers "one of two" agreement, Dangdang tail collection was included in the list of banned. But according to the merchant said, "in the tail collection of Dangdang Weihuo sales, make our brand seasonal apparel sales growth".

it is worth noting that, in the blocked, but the sale of dangdang.com increased efforts, dangdang.com responsible person, the tail collection will be based on "6.16-18" to promote the increase of the day, "6· 19" promotion, promotion, brand and the number of the top three in the same day, purpose in order to meet the dangdang.com clothing category of price promotions. "The more one day big promotion, will be able to pull more seasonal clothing sales, or to the next year these seasonal clothing became poop", the businessman says.

"it is clear that the tail collection of Dangdang platform both to help businesses to digest the poop clothing inventory, and stimulating the seasonal clothing sales, reduce the backlog of clothing pressure." Analysts pointed out that "this will strengthen many brands in dangdang.com flash purchase sale confidence in a certain extent."

has action to prove, Dangdang tail goods exchange 70 percent off cap is just a start. Followed by, Dangdang tail collection of flash sales situation agitated continuous fermentation.

just enter June, Dangdang end collection launched a massive propaganda campaign, four TV ads Qi line, competition for users to attract more eyeballs, the next big line in the tail collection of flash sale shopping channel.

at the same time, Dangdang end collection price war offensive again overweight, 70 percent off Cap promotion and vouchers overlay, such promotional efforts also let the other flash purchase sale temporarily unable to follow up.

this year, Dangdang clothing to achieve 4 billion 500 million, to block the vertical category electricity supplier clothing industry before three, the tail collection will certainly play a crucial role." Analysts said that in June the end of the product exchange and promotional price war offensive, it is an important step in the development of Dangdang clothing strategy category in 2013.

a scouring network of the latest data show that in June the rapid turnover of Dangdang clothing goods, the number of new brands over a quarter of 200>

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